Tidying Up the Multiverse

I finished Crisis recently and I think they dropped the ball tidying up the multiverse and making it more viewer-friendly. I don’t like the idea of certain things just being deleted. So as a fan I wanted to share how I would have done it and I would love to hear other people’s thoughts and ideas!!! : )

Earth Prime the Arrowverse and shows that it can exist within it without affecting it.
(Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, BlackLightning, Batwoman, Constantine, Legends, Vixen, Stargirl, Lucifer, Swampthing, and the upcoming Sandman show) I admit It would take a workaround to get Stargirl in there but we’re talking about comics.

Earth Two Shows that cant exists in the Arrowverse due to causing significant changes to the lore.
(Titans, Doom Patrol, Birds of Prey, Gotham)
Note: Just because all these superheroes exist in the same universe does not mean they have to meet each other or even know each other

Earth Three Classic Universe
(batman 66, Wonder Woman 77, Shazam Tv Show, Flash Classic, and the original Batman/ Superman serials)

Earth Four Smallville
(Smallville, Aquaman Pilot)

Earth Five- Watchmen
(Watchmen Movie, Watchmen TV show)

Earth Six- DCEU
(Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Shazam, Aquaman, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 84)

Earth Seven- Silver Age
(Superman, Superman 2, Superman 3, the quest for Peace, Supergirl, Superman Returns, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin)

Earth Eight- Bronze Age
(Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Returns, Green Lantern)

Earth Nine- Dc animated Universe Shows, Movies and cartoons that don’t affect it
(Batman tas, Superman TAS, Static Shock, Zeta Project, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Justice League Ultimate, Green Lantern, Teen Titans, Krypto the Superdog, Mask of the phantasm, BNatman and Harley Quinn, Mystery of the Batwoman )

Earth Ten- Animated Shows that affect the continuity of the earth Nine
(Young Justice, Harley Quinn)

Earth Eleven- Lego
(Lego Batman trilogy, Lego Dc Villians and all the lego dc shorts)

Earth Twelve- Girls
(all the DC girls movies)

Earth 13- The DC Animated Movie Universe
(All dc animated movies not yet mentioned)

Earth 14- Joker

If I missed anything please let me know, maybe if this post is popular (which it won’t be) I Will update it.

I don’t know, I’m not sure that it’s really all too big of a deal. It’s not like knowing what universe something is in has really been all that important so far outside of the Arrowverse. I know you say the characters that share a universe don’t need to interact, but something happening in one show will certainly have repercussions and questions that carry over to another. At the end of the day, having most of these in different universes allow for more creative control from the showrunners since they don’t have to worry about continuity. I don’t think most viewers care about continuity or shared universes in DC properties. Shazam! and the rest of the DCEU could be in separate universes and it wouldn’t really matter. So it’s not like anyone’s going to really struggle or even care to pay attention to what universe everything is in. The only instance I can think of at the moment is Doom Patrol and Titans since Titans, for pretty much no reason, had an episode with Doom Patrol in the first season. Now that’s explained away and not an issue.

It’s not a big deal at all. Much like the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, it’s more about consolidating multiple Earths.

The way the show version did it, it gave us the best of both figurative worlds: The Arrowverse is consolidated into one Earth, unaware the multiverse still exists, albeit slightly different. It allows the Arrowverse shows to be on one Earth, but also leaves the door open so should they want to do crossovers with other stuff, they’ve got a built-in reason.

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I see why it’s not a big deal and In Truth I agree, but isn’t it just a little fun to imagine all these worlds connected. Even though the flash will never meet swamp thing or Lucifer it’s fun to think they’re running around on the same earth. That’s all I wanted this to be, a fun little bit of fan fiction!!!

I mean, you can imagine it still if you want. But, if they’re not going to interact, then sharing a universe is kind of pointless y’know?

The thing about COIE, both in comics and in tv, is that everything before crisis is canon. So all of the classic DC tv is canon. It all existed on its own Earths and as someone watches it, they know, from a canon perspective that it was “real”. That’s why in DC there is pre-COIE continuity and post-COIE continuity. And everything pre-COIE was real, canonical & in its own universes (even if we didn’t always know they’re were on different universes at the time.)

Stargirl being on Earth-2 makes sense. They can play and remix the JSA which has never been part of the CWVERSE, and something that big would have a bunch of historical nods required in the CWVERSE.

The fact that these aren’t all glommed into one shared continuity makes sense.


Crisis is a whole complicated deal. But I do like where your going with it


Thank you :pray::blush:

They could have played remix on earth prime and just said “oh the history is different now because of crisis”

Hint: There’s a pretty good chance that any Earth future writers need “still exists,” because there’s still a multiverse.

That said, I think there was a misstep in the parallel decision to not allow duplicate characters to coexist on the same Earth. It seems like there’s a lot more storytelling potential in being able to occasionally check in with (for example) Karen Starr, Ray Palmer’s cousin who just happens to be Kara Zor-El’s doppelganger who grew up with a completely different life. It was eventually forgotten, but a lot of the fun of early Post-Crisis comics was in following certain characters try to make lives for themselves in a world where they seemed redundant or dealing with new “friends” that nobody remembered.