Thumbs Up To DC Daily

I love the stuff they are doing with industry professionals. The earlier George Perez interview was a fantastic start and the recent Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp segment was exactly what I would like to see more of.
Having the Titans cast on individually and in small groups was a great way to establish these actors as DC staples.
I would like to see a wider variety of DC movers and shakers from different aspects of the brand. How about an in-depth interview with Greg Berlanti? Peter David? Mark Waid? John Ostrander?


Agreed, they’re doing awesome things at DC Daily.

The past week has been weird though. Episodes were 10 minutes except for yesterday’s which was the right time, but did not have the same structure as they had last year.

While the comic shop “interview” was pretty cool, I would rather the show just stick with the main roster. Having two episodes back to back with Barrowman was not of any interest to me, and I don’t want episodes like that to appear later. But, that is just my opinion.

On the other side, at least that means more time for getting right into it instead of a couple of seconds being spent on displaying headlines.