Throne of Atlantis

So as a long time aquaman fan since early 2000 i have consecutively enjoyed all aquaman comic story line. As soon as the NEW 52 line came for Aquaman i have to say thats where aquaman became more than just a story line that is where aquaman became my favorite hero. From punch line to badass. When Justice League: The Throne Of Atlantis was released it became one of my favorite dc animated movies and now i own it on 4k and its still incredible to this day. Also with the Jason Mamoa Aquaman movie it is just a great time to be an aquaman fan. For those who enjoy him as much as me, which is your favorite Aquaman comic or story arc


I love anytime the trenchers are involved. Story arc wise there’s so many, but I loved the arc in Aquaman ‘94 which is on this site. The arc was when he ended up in Travis Morgan’s dimension. Rarely get to see Travis & that dimension. The JLU chaos in middle Earth is 1 of my faves cuz u get to see that dimension for an entire episode.

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Also 100% with u on the Throne of Atlantis being unbelievable & timeless.

Definitely Throne and Trench…comicbook wise. The movie gets a little of both. I love Mera too. She’s a great character.

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Her comic is great. She’s JL worthy.

If you haven’t read it yet, the newest Aquaman storyline Drowned Earth is sssooooooo good! Highly recommended.

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Man, I want to like this movie, but something just seems off about it. It feels like there are a lot of things that happen without any reason to, like the director was checking off boxes on a list instead of creating a movie that flows naturally. Also, as someone who doesn’t really follow the Aquaman comics, does this title have any other storylines? I’ve seen “Orm steals the crown and attacks the surface” in Justice League Unlimited, Batman: Brave and the Bold, the Aquaman live-action movie, and now Throne of Atlantis. It’s like DC’s version of the Spider-Man Origin Story curse.