Three Jokers

Has anyone read Book 1 that came out today? What did everyone think?

I thought the art was absolutely beautiful. We’ve been waiting for this story for so long and it was worth the wait. That last moment between Jason and Barbara… I’m curious to see where it all goes from here.


I just read it and I liked it, BUT I am withholding any elaborate praise, until I get the full picture.

The first issue certainly seemed very well-crafted.

As an old fan of Swamp Thing from waaaaaay back, I really appreciated the use of “Piggy” Huntoon. I hadn’t heard his name in comics for quite a long time.


I agree, it is hard to judge with just the first issue out. But I do like where it seems to be going, though I doubt that is where it will end up.


I don’t think I will be able to judge it until it’s over but I liked it so far. I’m personally apprehensive because Joker origins are tricky and the ending will make it or break it.
It seems pretty clear that the art will be praised for years.
Side question, how has Bruce’s face, which is literally the only exposed skin, never had a scar while his body, which is under armor, is a wreck? He’s definitely had work done. I bet there was a plastic surgeon at Sanctuary.


I really liked it so far. I’m liking these books having a 3 act structure (Batman: Damned, Killer Smile). The ending of this one made me very intrigued and I can’t wait to see what’s going on next.

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That’s been something that’s bothered me too! He’s getting shot at like crazy, but he never gets hit in the lower half of his face?

I know there was one story that said that he designed the outfit to have the bright Bat-symbol on the front, so that is where people will aim when he is attacked. That makes sense, but I don’t know if it works all the time.

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Nice seeing Gaggy back.

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I’ve become so accustomed to binging movies/shows/Reads all at once because of the media formats so think I’m gonna wait till nov. when the whole series is released :joy:

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