Three DC Wishes

A benevolent 5th dimensional imp grants you three wishes to change the continuity of the DC Universe however you like. How would you use them? Choose wisely…


Superhero’s appear in WWII with the JSA
Sue Dibney lives
Batman and Catwoman marry


@msgtv: The good news is your second wish is already granted! Sue played a major role in the New 52 Secret Six series, and appeared recently as a member of the Guild of Detection in Detective Comics #1000.

Your first wish might just be on the way, depending how the rest of Doomsday Clock goes. And as for your third, don’t count it out until King’s story is finished…

  1. Villains and heroes swap roles permanently
  2. Shoot thousand years into the future where the name “Batman” is still feared by everyone, putting a sour taste in law’s mouth
  3. A new young lawful Batman emerges to fight crime and becomes the hero of Gotham in 3020 A.D

He uses the original Batman’s infamy/reputation to his advantage so criminals fear him in 3020 even more than anyone feared the original Batman when he was good or bad.

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Sounds like a pretty good concept for an Earth-3 Batman Beyond!


1: Make Supergirl just a bit more powerful than Superman.
2: More JLA/Legion crossovers, like the JLU “Far from home” episode, but have Brainy follow her back to 21st century and explore their romantic relationship.
3: Give Power Girl even more cleavage. (Yeah I’m a lecherous SOB…so sue me.)


I’d be interested in seeing Sinestro a founding Justice League member in an alt story line!

Might as well throw in my three:

  1. Barbara Gordon is still in the wheelchair, and still active as Oracle full-time.
  2. Cassandra Cain is Batgirl again.
  3. Mera is one of the core members of the Justice League.
  1. Dick & Babs wedding (don’t care when or at what age)
  2. Arthur jr. survives and becomes a member of the Super Sons (I can dream)
  3. Atrocitus becomes a Blue Lantern.

I’m all for Cass being Batgirl again as well as Mera’s core membership in the Justice League. Good times roll when she’s on the league.

My randomly thrown together wishes:

-Superman defeats Doomsday with one punch. That son of a bitch thinks he’s going to kill Superman? Not on my Wish Watch.

Kal-El of Krypton delivers one extraordinarily powerful punch right square to Doomsday’s midsection and SPLOTCH! Doomsday is nothing more than a pile o’ stuff.

Yes, it would eliminate some great stories that happened in the wake of The Death and Return of Superman,but…it’s Doomsday. He earned it even before he fought Superman.

-Freakazoid would join the Justice League as a reserve member.

-assorted Divine Right characters would gain prominence in the DCU through their own continued exploits and/or team based adventures.


I was going to do a list of my top three choices and some honorable mentions, but I think I can wrap most of them into my first wish:

1: Flashpoint never happened (preferably because Barry Allen is still dead, but whatever).
2: Damian Wayne never existed and never will.
3: Max Lord wasn’t evil, but was being controlled by Brother Eye, and resisted enough to fake Ted Kord’s death for the satellite’s benefit, and Ted later resurfaced to have buddy cop adventures with Jaime Reyes.


Since one of mine was already true I’m going to substitute
-Harley turns complete hero and stays that way


Change DC Continuity? That’s a tough question.

I’d have 2 JSAs. One on Earth 2 and one with current DC Earth.

I’d have 3 Earths with Wildstorm & Milestone characters existing on current DC Earth & one on each their own.

I’d bring back every dead superhero & dead super villain back.


msgtv good one.

  1. Donna Troy isn’t made of clay and made to be a foe of Wonder Woman. She instead is just the sister of Diana that grew up in her shadows. You know people do have siblings DC and the big 3 can and not have it take away from them.

  2. I am seconding a Dick and Babs wedding. Heck! Give me almost any wedding that makes sense. Love should be in the air!

  3. Pandora never got shot and killed. Instead she becomes part of the catalyst for change in Doomsday Clock to get things back to the original DC Universe.


I’ll second a Rebirth for Pandora.

  1. Revive the Crime Syndicate from Earth-3. I loved them from Forever Evil and Darkseid War, and I wish they hadn’t been killed of so quickly.

  2. The Titans (especially the original 5) start getting treated with more respect, like fellow heroes instead of eternal sidekicks or characters that are only used for shock-value deaths.

  3. The Justice Society and the Legion gets to come back now instead of whenever Doomsday Clock finishes.

  1. Allow Jon Kent to grow up through natural story progression

  2. Put Nightwing on the Justice League

  3. Allow characters to age out of their mantles naturally so that a new generation can take their place. This would allow the other generations of characters to grow up and there would thus be no reason to continually de-age characters just to keep the OG generation young.


This one is easy:

  1. Wally, Linda, and the kids are reunited.
  2. Jon Kent is a kid again.
  3. And most importantly-- DC Comics drops the darkness and comes back into the light.

This one is easy:

  1. Wally, Linda, and the kids are reunited.
  2. Jon Kent is a kid again.
  3. And most importantly-- DC Comics drops the darkness and comes back into the light.