***Thread tracking and notifications PLEASE READ

If I have any constructive criticism for the app in the community aspect, it would be to be able to our existing threads and the comments on them. I know this isn’t really a social app, but the whole point if being able to write these threads is to get the community talking and share our love of DC.
I wish there was a notification bar or tab under our profile that would let us track the threads that we started ourselves and the threads that we have left comments on. Maybe even the likes/thumbs up that our comments get.
It’s just kind of frustrating having to dig through hundreds of threads looking for the one where my fellow DC gurus are having a good conversation and not being able to find it for whatever reason. Please don’t leave me hanging like a criminal in a batman arkham game.
Much love for you guys and what your doing. Thanks,


If you use @yourusername to sign your posts in the text body you can then use the search function to find them.


Yeah be upgraded search function has been really shway

Shway…that caught on quick!

Totally agree.

Hey jobypash92, wanted to thank you for your feedback, as well as your taking the time to so kindly share it with us! We actually put in place a new bookmarking function that you can use to track threads you’re interested in, or have posted to, and you can use that as a way to stay on top of things, as we continue making changes. :slight_smile:

To use it, just click the image of the vertical ellipsis to the upper right of the thread, and it’ll show a drop-down that says, “Bookmark.” You can later find your bookmarks, they should show up for you on your community forum homepage.