Thread Thank You Notes

My thanks goes to the Who is This? thread. it was fun to watch the guesses, how the clues would shape up.


Thankyou everybody for making this a great site to visit, I’ve always felt safe being here, you guys have always been respectful and kind to me even if you disagree what I may have said.
I hope and look forward to seeing you guys on Discord, if you want to look me up, it’s reaganfan78 and I have a same avatar picture I have on here of President Reagan with Superman.
I never thought it would be my own personal profile picture, I just happened to like it. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thankyou everybody. May God bless you all.


That thread is very humbling. I tried playing for a few weeks but there’s some really deep cuts in there. I just can’t hang!


They definitely are very deep. Even though I would throw out the occasional guess, it was more a spectator sport for me.


Auagh I’m getting emotional. I’m gonna miss our times talking about this show and being Very Normal about it together. :people_hugging: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


A lot of threads to thank. Definitely will forget some but the Polls thread. Those threads were chaos and such fun especially in 2020 :laughing:.
The mafia club thread and those games. See the SDR was born (SDR Gif below :arrow_down:).
Any fan art thread. So much amazing art to make and see.
The biscuit lounge or wikis. Those were fun.

And I definitely have to mention the who is Batman thread. That old chaotic thread is were I met so many and felt I started to connect more with this community threw all the fun nonsense :laughing::sweat_smile:.

There probably more but that’s all I can think of now.



Polls is where I made the most friendships here I think. Back then I had just gotten access to the Lounge and was very overwhelmed when I saw how busy the polls thread was (back then I think that was the 3rd Polls thread that existed at the time :flushed:) but @Razzzcat encouraged me in a DM to just hop in and put myself out there, so I did. It was also the first time I got to see a thread “blow up” and get closed once that 10,000 post is made, and I got to see a few more after that.

I’m very happy that I did, because that’s where I met most people or at least when my interactions skyrocketed.


Two more:

Alright, Let’s See All Those Awesome DCUi Community Faces!
As someone who has their real face in their profile pic I feel a little less insecure about it because this thread exists. I don’t want to embarrass anyone but one of our members strikes a very strong resemblance to Liam Neeson in Batman Begins. You need to check it out.

I think it’s also kind of special here because I don’t think anyone is going to feel safe enough sharing these pics on discord…at least the main server.

Username Origin Story
Very interesting and personal thread. I don’t think I’m ever more excited to see a new post for any other topic.

Something…Death Ray?


Super Death Ray
(Just a chameleon with laser eyes :laughing:)


Yeah. I totally agree. When I set up the Faces thread, I was just wanting to feel like I was getting more acquainted with my DC Fam.

I get that some people dont feel comfortable, and totally understandable.
But I thought it was so much fun to actually put names to faces.
And honestly, i know that there were actually a couple peeps, that made them feel a little bit more liberating.

I’m seriously going to miss the Faces thread.
When i found out about the whole Discord thing, the faces thread, the maps, the WIP’s, etc , all popped in my head and I was trying to figure out if any of thise would be able to continue over there.

I guess time will tell once the official one arrives.

Anyways. Love all you guys​:sunglasses::heart:


There are a bunch of threads I’d like to thank. All of the “Polls” threads. The Chuck thread. DC Hall of Fame. Context, Sometimes Life is Better Without It. All of the Comic Challenge threads. DC Headcanons. DC Incorrect Quotes. Jurisdictionary. DC Squid Game. Just For Laughs. Let’s Talk About Anything DC.

Really every thread on here has influenced my life, and they all have a special place in my heart.


Good one! I hope someone out there gets a good download of this.


It’s on my to-download list!