Thread Thank You Notes


Shout out your favorite threads (or the person who started them) with some thanks before the switch to Discord. Link if you can.


Thank you Unpopular Opinions,

For being a place where you can pretty much say whatever you want. If other people think the way you do…yay! You’re not alone. Otherwise, if they get mad at you. Hey! That’s what the thread is for! Take it easy!



I already said my thanks but believe I forgot one awesome person in my post @wrrrryyyy12.

Your passion for Superboy in Superboy (Conner Kent/Kon-El) Appreciation Thread was inspiring and it was always cool to see you pop up in the Batman thread. I hope to see you on Discord talking about Connor there as well. :blush:


Oof, I think I have too many to name.

The Writer’s Iceberg and Reading Lounge.

It is always nice to see the cool things people have in the Look what I just got thread.

I’ve enjoyed the Reading all the New 52 thread because it got me to read a whole bunch of comics I wouldn’t have read otherwise.

All these threads have been a blast to participate in. Hopefully we can continue all that over on Discord.

(Special shout out to NFL Polls. I know maybe only 10 of us use that thread, but it is still a fun place to talk football and other sports.)


thanks and awesome kon pic


This might be a basic answer, but the “Let’s Talk Anything DC” has a special place in my heart. It’s where I met so many active users and it served as a launchpad to discovering so many other threads


For a long time it was more of the anti-thread. It was for posting one off things that needed no further discussions. Then it seemed to completely change every month or so.


I like that one too. I don’t comment much but the conversations are really fun. Especially if @basicallytimdrake is around


I’m sorry to @basicallytimdrake for the wounds I’m about to bring up, but I really did enjoy the Gotham February challenge thread you put together.

Without actually talking about the show for a second, I want to bring up why it’s a happy mention. Recently I spilled my guts about feelings I’ve had about the fandom for a while, but back when we were watching Gotham and talking about it and obsessing over it together, it brought me back to positive feelings for the fandom I haven’t had in a while.

Once I latched onto Jason and only Jason, I kinda forgot about other characters. I forget about Batman, I forget about the other characters that were there first that started it all. And with how loud the other fans are online I kinda forget about comics and I was mostly consuming the fan made stuff, which isn’t a bad thing at all… it’s just that I got overexposed to OOC versions for so long the canonical comic version feels too different and when you aren’t caught up, Jason began to feel like a stranger at times.

When I branched out and watched the show I had to prepare myself to not see Jason at all. I had to remind myself that I was consuming DC content that didn’t showcase all of my favorite characters, as well as versions of them I didn’t know (such as a younger Bruce, Selina, and Gordon). When you go into the show with those feelings and that mindset it is refreshing. The show for me was quite literally the cleanse that I needed. For years I was stuck in that “one character only” haze and it eventually led to a type of burnout. That’s why for about a year or so there has been a major lack of Jason Todd thirst, with only a little bit here or there. It’s why I started obsessing over other characters. I was feeling dopamine and positive feelings that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Flash forward a bit and now @basicallytimdrake is watching the show, @ALFRED.1943 started watching, and @iJest and @mercurie80 started revisiting the show or at least would join in on the conversations. And for the first time in a while I felt like I was part of fandom again, even if it was a very small portion of it. All the jokes and memes and heartbreaking moments aside… it was really nice to engage in something in our small corner of the forum, even if everyone else heard about it in other places. Now when I eventually get back to watching the show with MommaBat (at some point) I will think about those moments. I’ll never forget about the art I was making when I watched the show, watching the show during all the lunch breaks in my car during my first real job, and how MommaBat wanted to watch something I enjoyed to see what it was I loved passionately.

So thank you @basicallytimdrake for some of the best moments I’ve had this past year :people_hugging::sparkling_heart::heart:

Oh, and for old times sake :joy:



Oh, and to whoever made the Barbenheimer thread… thank you thank you thank you. I genuinely do not care if it is technically over, Barbenheimer lives on in my mind forever :sparkling_heart::black_heart:

The crush I’ve had on Cillian Murphy since I was 13 had never disappeared… it had just resurfaced with a major vengeance.


My favorite thread is the let’s talk about anything dc thread !


Someone has to mention @Reaganfan78 and the Minecraft creations. It’s always a nice little boost to my day when a new one comes out.

P.S. if you take requests I’d love to see a Deadman version :pray:

…and keep it going on discord!


Thankyou so very much, and do you mean this one…



Should’ve known…

Ok ok. How about…Amazo?


Haven’t done him yet, I guess I should try. :slightly_smiling_face:


Someone summoned me?




Ah no, don’t do that! Now your gonna make me cry :cry:


Thank you, Who’s Your Celebrity Crush, for allowing us to fangirl and fanboy over actors and singers in a safe environment, even if they have nothing to do with DC. One of my favorite threads on here!


Thank you to everyone for everything you did to make this the best online community on the internet.

I hope we can make discord just as good, minus the loss of a few beloved members (all who arent moving to discord, your all beloved members here)