Thoughts On The TITAN series

Just wanting to get some other opinions on the Titan series from those who watched the first season. I, personally, think it was poor and Doom Patrol, as strange as it is, is much better. How about the rest of ya?


Doom Patrol is much better. Personally, I think Titans is sort of a mixed bag. Parts of it are good, but many others are not. I think the main problem (besides the fact that everything is weirdly tinted a different color) is that the show lacks focus. It slowly meanders towards its destination of finally forming the Titans while introducing tons of side characters and telling side plots. This lack of focus even effects how the episodes themselves feel. The episodes have no beginning or end, only a slight unifying theme. I think there’s potential for a good show here, but, in my opinion, it hasn’t gotten there yet. Overall I did not enjoy the first season, but I am hopeful for the second. Sometimes shows take a season or two to find their footing, and I hope this is the case with this one.


Doom Patrol was IMO exceptional. I can’t compare Titans to DP. Nobody can. Titans is written in a different manner, sequential storytelling like a traditional comic book or comic page. Each episode advances the narrative with dialogue and action. Doom Patrol is more of a character study. You can think Titans was poor, certainly your right to choose and say so. But why? Didn’t like the actors, direction, dialogue? Maybe you had expectations that just weren’t met. I liked Titans. I had expectations of Titans that could never be met, but I still enjoyed it. No expectations of DP (or swamp Thing) and I have loved every minute of them.


I have only seen Titans thus far, but i get the feeling comparing it to DP is like comparing apples to oranges.

I liked Titans and am very excited for season 2. I am not against watching DP (or Swamp Thing), i just have yet to make a plan to sit and watch.


One thing to remember about Titans is that it was originally developed for TNT, so initially it was aimed at an audience that would have more of a casual understanding of the DC Universe. Doom Patrol got made knowing it would go on a niche streaming service intended for diehard DC fans. I really enjoyed the first season of Titans, but I could see its cable-TV roots at times and I expect it to get better in season 2.


I think it was just poorly created. They could have actually painted Star orange, that wouldn’t have been hard. BB’s animation is 90’s video game. This Dick Grayson is literally nothing like the fun-loving, kindhearted, and compassionate kid/man that we all know and love. Really, did we have to go from the respectful and awesome kid that is Dick Grayson to a cruel, foul-mouthed, and hateful jerk with a Damianish bloodlust (Without all of the lovable arrogance). This guy explains my thoughts on Rave perfectly.
“Titans seems to have taken all the worst parts of every version of Raven and dialed them up to eleven. What we’re left with is a literal uncontrollable demon child with a heavy dose of religious horror and only a passing resemblance to any Raven from any continuity. Her solo titles have been increasingly religion-based recently, while she lives with her very Christian aunt, but Titans brought this to a whole new level.”
I love Raven. She is one of the most inspiring characters in DC, to me. They basically take her and drag her through the gore-filled mud in this show. She is a good person, who shows genuine compassion for others. She fights all of the evil that her father puts on her. But this show destroys that. She has a desire to be good, to love, and to be the opposite of her father.
This show kind of caters more toward new fans, than the fans that have always loved the Teen Titans. I miss those kids.


I liked Titans a lot. Its very clearly based on the run from the 80s. I think the cast has been great and I cant wait to see Superboy and Deathstroke. Also am excited to see Iain Glenn as an older Batman, Ser Jorah Mormont was such a great performance.

I like how, in the way that Doom Patrol has as well, Titans has embraced the source material and gone full into the comicbook lore and world.


I get that with some shows the greatness of it all is allowing their viewers to piece everything together, but with Titans it seems extremely hard to follow along with what they’re trying to broadcast. I probably should just watch the whole season again and it’ll be better

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I liked Titans. I think it’s just as good as DP was, they are just two very different shows.

There is a lot of validity in the way you describe the characterizations. But, I think it’s a good thing. We are seeing heroes on their journeys, and often there is the low point of the arc. Where the character dives down to the point of being beaten or despair. I think for Dick, Kori & Raven by the end we each see them at the bottom of their character arc.

Is Dick going to be even darker and more compulsive and brutal than Batman? He has a choice to make. Perhaps in helping Raven fight Trigon, he finds a better, more noble and compassionate place. He has to go there to help save Raven.

Raven realizes that her mother was a willing part to the horror that is bringing Trigon to this dimension. A character that must learn to keep her emotions in check when she has suffered such a brutal emotional betrayal. Finding the inner strength, the inner belief in one’s self to that. Also, understanding that in her quest for family connections, it is the ones that are formed through supportive actions that matter, not those that we are groomed to believe are important. That allows here empathy without having to let her emotions go unchecked.

Kori: Am I just a stone cold killer? Is that my purpose? That’s what my history is telling me. I choose to create my own purpose. I will not be defined by what others expect me to be. Removing that inner conflict, can unlock the joy in Kori.

Garth: I think that story arc is weak. It’s the am I more animal than man. It’s a meh arc, but, an understandable one for BB.

Donna Troy: That is an arc I want to see. I gave it up. I just stopped. I can do more good as Donna than as Wonder Girl. I don’t want the responsibilities that come with being WG. Nope, when BLEEP gets serious, I need to be the heroine I am. I can’t reject/remove/willfully ignore that part me. I must embrace being WG, and accept the responsibilities that go along with being WG.

I think season one set up all of those arcs for season two.

I binged Titans, and when watching 3-4 episodes in a row, I got a much better sense of the rhythm of the show. It flows better/easier when watching several episodes in one sitting. But, Titans is less purely episodic than DP was. Each DP episode could be watched on its own. They were “stand-alone” episodes that were linked, rather than there was some small, throwaway line/thing two episodes of Titan ago that now I see wasn’t a throwaway.


I agree with @DeSade. They’re 2 very different shows, neither is perfect but both are enjoyable. I liked the action in Titans more than DP. I liked the storytelling more in DP than Titans. That said, I hope the character development improves quite a bit for both shows in their upcoming seasons. The same goes for both of their season finale endings…


I’ve only watched one episode of the series so far, but I honestly think that the people who didn’t care for the series weren’t judging it on its own merits.

As a premiere episode, “Titans” did everything it needed to do in terms of introducing us as an audience to the characters and the world they inhabit and setting up the central narrative and thematic conflicts upon which it wanted to center its first season.

People can complain about how the series didn’t give them what they wanted from a live-action Titans adaptation, but it didn’t need to; all it needed to do was to establish a clear identity for itself and that’s exactly what it did from the word “jump”.


Sorry for the double post, but I’m wondering if people think we will get to see the Titansverse’s Doom Patrol again*, and if so, if Bruno (Birchir), Jake (Michaels) and Dwain (Murphy) will get to reprise their roles.

  • The Doom Patrol featured in the live-action Doom Patrol series is not the same as the version of the team that appeared in the Titans Doom Patrol episode even though April (Bowlby) plays Elasti-Girl in both
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The problem with Titans is that its there’s barely any interest from the writers about the Titans. Compare this show to Doom Patrol. In Doom Patrol its clear the writers are PASSIONATE about the DOOM PATROL its a show about the Doom Patrol and a show that knows what it wants to be and do right by the source material. Every episode is about the team itself.

Titans bent over backwards to be about anything OTHER than the Titans. The writers were more interested in Hawk and Dove flashbacks(non-team members) and “What would happen if Batman killed the Joker” elseworlds than the god damn team. The story is full of plot holes, and doesn’t even get to finish because we needed a stupid dream sequence episode for a finale. This is just another Gotham, Pennyworth, and Batwoman “Batman Easter Eggs: The show” instead of being an actual Titans show.

The fifteen minute Mr Nobody dream sequence at the end of episode 2 of Doom Patrol did more character development for three characters (Rita, Larry, Vic) than the Titans finale did for just Dick. That’s how much Doom Patrol outclasses Titans.

Hopefully season 2 is better, but it already looks like they’re doubling an already overstuffed cast.


I personally didn’t think I would like Titans much. I saw a clip of the Batman fight and got interested. I enjoyed Grayson more than other at first but each character grew on me. I enjoyed the plot and character development even if sometimes the CGI wasn’t PERFECT. With the Superboy teaser at the end, I have high hopes for the next season. I liked the characters in Doom Patrol but haven’t made it past episode 2 and didn’t like where the story was going but I may give it another shot.

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Can people please not claim that because the creators of a given series choose to create an adaptation that does its own thing, said creators do not understand or care about the source material they are adapting?


Bit to edgy and rushed character development, hope season 2 fixes the bugs of the first season


I think one thing that hasn’t been discussed is that DP drew heavily from a specific run and was far more of an adaptation than a true original series.

Titans begs the question, especially as the first DCU original series. Is there a desire to make Titans into a canonical source. This has certainly been done in the DC Animated area with BTAS, JL/JLU.

BTAS quite literally put an origin of Mr Freeze into canon, not to mention the creation of an entirely new canonical character in HQ.

Can/will Titans eventually end up as canonical source, probably not. But, it certainly stands a better chance than DP, and likely ST.

I thought the Titans was a good story. But while the idea of four Superheroes who’s lives intertwined like that was kind of interesting, it didn’t feel like Titans when they were never really a true team. They came close, but then split up. I think the show as a whole was well done, but do think they took to long getting the team to truly feel like a team. Or even the real basis of a team forming. It did at times feel like Robin: Brave and the Bold. And who is the team… I mean clearly the main 4 are but are Wonder Woman, Hawk and Dove supposed to be Titans too… it was not clear.

I do have high hopes given how good DCU has been with their other shows (Titans is good too, but says a lot that as good as it is it is by most considered "the least good one_ that they will course correct.

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I said before that I felt like Jason David Frank after watching the Adult Power Ranger fan film. It does not feel genuine, the acting made me scowl through out the whole season, and most of the first season was very bland and weak.

I can do dark, absolutely man. My favorite intellectual properties include The Last of Us, Twisted Metal: Black, and Spec Ops: The Line. But Titans (2018) felt very disingenuous and never do care to see the first season again. The only good episode is without a doubt Episode 6. Everything else was, like you said, poor.

By the way this show’s first season had WAY too many scenes relating to food. That’s ridiculous.


Oh, and I actually skipped a whole episode too (the Hawk and Dove one close to the end of the season). That’s indicative of how little I even cared for some of the characters let alone wanting to even fully invest in the show.