Thoughts on The Question

I’m not really one to start a new topic but I just set down the new Question and had to say something about it to anyone out there. No one else was talking about it so let me be the first to say “how awesome was that book!?” Having Denys Cowan doing the art made it feel like I was settling back into the old Question books but with different eyes. And Jeff Lemire always writes one heck of a story! I feel like one of my favorite characters is in great hands and in for the ride of his life! I’m blown away by how excited I was at this book. It’s a little strange seeing Myra as Mayor Fermin’s sister instead of his wife. It kind of steals away that feeling that Vic’s romance was always soiled and unhealthy which I felt added an important facet to his character. I trust the writer’s decision, though, and can’t wait to see where this story goes. Vic felt very much like the Question I’ve always known and I was so happy to get a hold of this book. There’s so much more I’d love to say but I would hate to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to read it for themselves. Before I post this let me just say that I thought it was awesome that when they animated the Question in Justice League Unlimited they voiced him with none other than the Reanimator!


I was overjoyed by this book. Everything I’ve been hoping for.

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Fantastic book. Great writer, great art team, and everybody is firing on all cylinders.

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I’ve always loved how Jeffrey Combs looks fondly on his time as The Question as one of his best roles, even with his illustrious horror career. He’s to Q what Conroy is to Batman.


I’d never heard that. Makes me happy because he did such a great job. I agree with you whole heartedly. Just like I read Batman in Kevin Conroy’s voice, I read the Question as Jeffrey Combs.