Thoughts on the Justice League movie?

I personally hate the Justice League movie, possibly being the worst DC movie I’ve ever seen for which I had high expectations. I hate how useless and weak Batman is, how little of an impact Cyborg and Flash had, how useless everyone was compared to Superman, the terrible CGI, how generic of a villain Steppenwolf was, and so much more.

In my first viewing, I thought it was a fun movie and I didn’t understand the low scores from the critics. But now, 40% seems way to generous of a rating. I don’t know if the Snyder Cut would’ve ultimately saved the movie or not, though I don’t think so.

The Justice League movie was doomed after a poor setup of the DCEU’s characters, along with the stupid decision to have a team movie with new characters.

What do y’all think? Was it good, bad, or just okay? How could’ve it been better? I know that Aquaman is out and more is on the way, but should the DCEU be rebooted or keep going on its current course?


I’ve only seen the movie once, and I dislike it.
To begin, Superman’s CGI made him look like human Shrek. Then, Batman letting the criminal stay conscious and even letting him converse was very unlike Batman (this was a WB decision because Whedon wanted Batman and the criminal to be cracking jokes and acting like buddies whereas, according to rumors, Snyder’s Justice League began with Bruce looking for Aquaman). Next, there was speculation before the release that GL, Martian Manhunter, or Supergirl would have been in the film which all three would probably have benefitted the movie, but definitely the first two (since they were part of the original roster). Batman wimping out not wanting to be leader and stating half-baked jokes was not appealing. I may be wrong with my research, but I thought once Superman was resurrected, he thought Wonder Woman was Doomsday- if so, that would have been better than him going after Batman. No Darkseid with only the tiniest reference towards him made. Like I mentioned above, there are almost three versions of this film combined in one- Snyder, Whedon, and WB, and trying to mix all three in one film ruins the consistency. Plus, WB ensured the film was less than 2 hours, so their loss. There might be some other things I forgot, but until there is a Snyder Cut, this movie was trash. At least if there is a Snyder Cut, there will be more choice in selecting the better JL.

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A Snyder Cut release is almost guaranteed to improve on all the things you complained about. We know they shot a ton of Cyborg’s story that got cut out. We know that Flash had backstory scenes that got cut out. Cyborg and Flash both have a whole bunch of action shots/scenes that we saw glimpses of in the trailers and promo footage (plus leaked footage) that didn’t appear in the movie. If they were more involved in the action, you wouldn’t say they had no impact. Steppenwolf almost certainly would have been more fleshed out as a character, because even he had story that got cut out, like when he’s just babbling nonsense about “Mother” and it made no sense in the movie, but it was supposed to be referencing Heggra, whose story was cut out. Plus we know by now that Darkseid was, in fact, addressed in the movie and that would have added a lot to Steppenwolf’s story.

It was a good movie, I bought it , they had Batman blushing for supes . Batman fans know he not gonna act like that

I like it more than suicide squad. It has some moments and it’s far from being the worst DC film ever made but that said, yes it’s pretty mediocre and am disappointed as a fan of each character. Especially with Batman being my main hero!

There’s one moment between Batman and Supes that I will always loath entirely! The behind the scenes issues and WB getting involved too much is apparent throughout the film.

Because of that shit, we probably won’t be seeing a JL 2 in the near future. Mostly likely solos and only team ups being Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad 2


i completely agree i don’t even think it’s a remotely decent movie, suicide squad was bad, but had some decent things Man of steel was great wonder woman was rly good except the ending, and aquaman was really enjoyable and fun, batman v superman wasn’t awful but had some things i didn’t love and some things i did. With that being i HATE steppenwolf was maybe the worst villain of this decade the batman characterization was offensively bad (especially after bvs in which i likes where they were going with him), superman was lame and the cgi mouth was bad, the flash was terrible from his costume to his blue lighting to ezra millers garbage performance and spiderman rip-off style, even gal favor as wonder woman was great. The extras in this movie are even bad, and the russian family was completely unnecessary, the music sucked which is very disappointing considering bvs’s brilliant score the vfx were awful and the script as well and the only thing that was remotely decent was cyborg who was fine. Not tryna bring in marvel here but even if you hate them the worst mcu movie is much better than justice league i remember sitting in the theater so excited just to see how horrible it was one of the people i saw it left the theater, worst dc movie since green lantern

couple of typos gal gadot wasn’t great

I definitely agree with everything you said. And for Christ sakes they brought back Superman by a damn mother box with a lightning jolt from flash like cmon now that was so LAZY. Steppenwolf was really bad as well as being a one note villain

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The story could of used some work. The characters did work well of each other, and it had some funny moments.

I thought it was a very okay movie.

It felt stripped of the style and passion infused in the previous Snyder entries… like it was trying to play it safe or something. I found that disappointing, even though I didn’t like all the stylistic choices in the past (way too many dreams!). I liked the actors, the fight after Superman is resurrected is one of my favorite in a superhero movie period, I liked the history glimpses, and I liked Diana’s intro fight. I thought a lot of the… I’ll say seemingly added… humor fell flat. I didn’t need a brunch discussion or Flash falling on Wonder Woman. I thought more time should have been given to Cyborg’s introduction/development. I think Lois should have been consumed with work related to the strange sightings rather than having ‘thirsty’ discussions with Clark’s mom. I think too much of the movie’s ridiculously shortened screen time was given to random civilian family instead of developing the villain or heroes. I think a lot of the previewed/leaked deleted scenes should have stayed (e.g. extended Mera/Steppenwolf fight, Cyborg intro).

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I thought it was an OK movie, not bad… decent. But that is the problem. This is the Justice Leage… arguably the most famous superhero team consisting of some of the oldest and most recognizable comic book heroes ever… I mean aside from Cyborg these are all household names… I know people that hate comics and never read a comic book in their life, but they know who Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman are. A movie with them in it as the Justice League should not be “fine”.

I also don’t want to bring in Marvel as I am not a Marvel fanboy, but when you consider what they did with The Avengers and arguably less well known team (at least as far as public conciousness) at the time and a roster of less famous characters (Captian America was the only one who came close to having the mainstream recognition of anyone in the justice Leage save maybe Cyborg again) and it was a great movie that the masses loved… but a movie with Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman together was… not bad. Not bad is failing when you do a Justice League movie with the more or less classic roster.

There were a lot of mistakes made. Them doing a team movie full of characters who haven’t had their own solo films yet was a desperate rush to try and catch up to Marvel rather than the slow burn that made it work so well when Marvel did it. Yeah, we all know who these people are but why would the masses get excited that a Flash who is not the Flash people have been watching for years on TV is on the JLA without a solo movie? And why did Ben Afflec not get a solo Batman film? Are all Batman’s the same? Because by that logic Adam West and Christian Bale were interchangable.

Steppenwolf was a horrible choice as the villain. Sure it was meant to set up a future Darkseid appearance, but it was done horribly and such a C list villain for the first villain of a Justice League movie was baffling.

And as noted the behind the scenes problem made it suffer. I think Joss Wheedon could have done a good JLA movie if it was his movie, but bringing him in to “touch up” such a different style movie then his style didn’t work.

The movie had a lot of good points, but it was not what Justice Leage deserved and it basically ended up being the final showing of everything DC had been doing wrong. And the ticket sales showed that, the audience finally got sick of being disappointed and didn’t show up and the movie did not have good enough word of mouth to counter that. A Justice League movie should have been a slam dunk success at least at the box office. The fact they blew it so badly is just baffling. They seem to finally be getting it right, by once more realizing world building and tight continuity have never been their strongest suites, especially compared to Marvel and doing what they do best, telling good stories with iconic characters first and foremost.

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Very well said

I thought JL was a great movie. 100% better than MoS and the POS BvS.


I actually loved it. Not as good as aquaman and dark knight, but I loved it


I agree that the Justice League movie wasn’t the greatest DC movie ever, specially when you stop and think about it the plot is very similar to the Avengers. Here are three just at the top of my head. 1. You have a team of superheroes Who have to come together to stop a great evil even though not all of them are thrilled to be working with each other. 2. You had the villain from another world with an army of expendable killing machines who wants to use a square object to destroy Earth (the Tesseract and Mother Box) 3. Lastly just for kicks they both a have the billionaire playboy superhero who doesn’t play well with others. But overall I am looking forward to what the DCEU brings to the table next especially Shazam, As I am a huge fan of both the character and Zachary Levi and could not have thought of a better actor to play this superhero.

I thought it was awesome. Not as good as Aquaman. But still fun to watch. Seeing them fight together, almost all of my favorite superheroes (No Shazam :cry:)coming together. They also held true to Steppenwolf’s costume, which I thought was cool. Barry kind of feels like he has a beastboy relationship with Cyborg. Would love to see a second Justice League.
@DCfanboy98, 1. Since when have superheroes ever become a team doing anything else besides fighting great evil. 2. Justice league has 3 small cubes, expendable buggy killing machines (Not Egyptian looking killer monsters), and SW reminds me more of Thanos than Loki. 3. I think this Batman is a little less playboy and a bit more billionaire. Also, he’s batman! No comparison to the tin man. 4. Is Superman. Who doesn’t love a man that fights for Freedom and Justice.


I like Justice League ^^ It was fun to watch in spite of being not a greatest Dc’s movie… But DC has made his movie in the wrong way … I think that they should have done a Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman movie before JL… People should like it more if they’ve seen solo movie for each character before put them together :slight_smile:

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The worst, most painful line for me in Justice League is from Batman: “something is definitely bleeding…”. I remember while in the theater after this played, I looked at my wife and said, what was that? That’s not Batman. They directly slapped the face of the fans who were there to see the film’s continuation of the Batman in Batman V Superman. I hope the new exec leadership of DC films has a set of balls unlike the previous leadership. If not, DC is less one fan… but I’m also one fan among very many with the same exact mindset.

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@jbyrd821, to me, that wasn’t as cringey as in the DKT when Batman says, “So that is how it feels.”

behemoth ravenlord that like wasn’t great but at least it was decently funny, that line in justice league was worth than atrocious