thoughts on the joker movie

This movie looks interesting, what are your thoughts?

I have high hopes for you but not expecting it to surpass The Dark Knight

:joy: I put “you” instead of “it” my bad :joy:

I’m excited to see what Joaquin Phoenix does with the character.

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I am cautiously optimistic. I am sure the movie will be entertaining but, what about building a DC movie universe? Have serialized stories and character arcs that carry from film to film. Its painfully obvious that the small screen is getting it right but the silver screen in failing.

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Not sure. Mildly interested but I have to wait to see a trailer

Honestly not really looking forward to it. Not sure why because I like Phoenix and the Joker character has tons of depth to explore.

Maybe when I find out more about the movie, I’ll start to get more excited. Right now I’m way more interested in WW2, SS2, and Birds of Prey.

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I’m just interested in Aquaman right now and waiting for The Batman, Flash and Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern is still coming out with Batman in 2020 right?

I have my reservations but after seeing Joaquin Phoenix in the makeup I’m open to it.

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I’m torn about it because even though I’m a strong believer in different interpretations of DC characters I can’t shake the feeling that this Joker movie was only greenlit as a way for WB to have its cake and eat it too by trying to keep its rep as a director-driven studio despite all the meddling done to BVS, SUICIDE SQUAD, and JUSTICE LEAGUE. This Joker movie may be a game changer but I think it’s another attempt by elements in the studio to once again undo what was unique about the DCEU to appeal to its loudest critics.

I see every super hero type movie, can’t wait. Looking forward to it.

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