Thoughts on Static: Season One?

I remember watching the show Static Shock a lot as kid but haven’t watched it since. But I checked out the first Static mini-series that came out if Mikestone Returns and thought it was pretty good. What do y’all think about it?


I never grew up with Static Shock when I was a kid. In fact the only episode I watched was the Christmas episode which I really did like.

I really enjoyed Static Shock: Season One. Vita Ayala used to bored me when she wrote for Marvel but I think I enjoy a lot of her DC books and this is one of them.

The look of Virgil was amazing here thanks to artists Criss-cross and Nikolas Draper.

And I know this doesn’t matter but I enjoy seeing young heroes like Virgil having his identity public with his family. Lot of Superheroes need to have families cool with them being superhero.

It’s a great introduction to Milestone’s most popular superhero.

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Part of me wants Static in the main DC universe so he can meet other heroes like maybe Nightwing or Jon Kent. A crossover with Black Lightning or Mister Terrific or Steel would be cool! But I also get why they want the Milestone characters on their own Earth to establish and flesh them out

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I liked Static: Season One.

It wasn’t my favorite of the Milestone Returns titles (that’d be Hardware: Season One), but it was still a very enjoyable read.

He’s had at least two go-arounds in the DCU (Pre-Flashpoint and The New 52), and sadly, neither seemed to stick a long-term landing.

I’m all for Milestone characters making their way into the DCU as the two pair together wonderfully.

I’m also all for a Static, Jon Kent Superman and Nightwing team-up, because under the right writer’s pen, that would be a great read.