thoughts on Smallville Years late?

Smallville still one of my all time favorites. Last few seasons weren’t great. But overall one of my favorites.

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Loved it!!! I could of used more episodes I lived the last few seasons except seemed like they just rushed through the whole Darkseid thing. Also don’t bring in freaking Spade Wilson and then don’t really do anything with him

Of the later years, season 9 was the only one that I really liked. The Major Zod plot was well done! Season 8 & 10 were bit of a mess though. They bit off more than they could chew with Doomsday and Darkseid. I did like the Earth 2 stuff in season 10. Otherwise, the early to mid years were the best IMO.

I also liked Smallville, or the earlier seasons of the show. The last few seasons went astray though. My Texan gal friend remembers me doing a lot of complaining about those last few seasons. I was reminded of this just the other day. :wink:


Smallville is still my favorite live action DC TV show. It holds up well.

Liked Smallville, but it went on for about 3 seasons to many

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The season with Major Zod is my favorite season of the entire show. I liked Callum Blue’s version of the character, and there were many good episodes like the Justice Society of America one.

The Doomsday season was okay. The costume looked great for a TV production, and the hulk-like transformation was a unique take on the character that also probably helped the show stay in its budget. I just didn’t like the way this storyline was concluded.

The final season with Darkseid just seemed to be all over the place and felt like a mess.