thoughts on red hood outlaw?

Thought it be cool to discuss the ongoing red hood series. Lobdell is doing a great job in my opinion. Although it would be much better for bizarro
and Artemis to return. What do you guys think


This has been one of my favorite books since Rebirth started. Where the book is at the moment has been the weakest part of the series, although it’s still good. I thought it would’ve got back to where they left off with Artemis and Bizarro after Jason had gone on his mission regarding Roy, but it seems they’re gonna leave with him just his as the Outlaw for now with his own series.


Someone said… Red Hood and the Outlaws?

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I tried it for the first 6 issues thought it was decent but dropped it due to the fact that im not a huge redhood guy and money wise I thought I should drop it to keep up with characters im more into

Jason should have a 5 solo books and 2 team books.

@DJWolfman. That would be really good. I don’t honk he works better when he’s part of a team though.

I miss the outlaws but the series has been really good

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