Thoughts on Nightwing Amnesiac Storyline

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the Nightwing storyline that started post-Batman #55? I can’t be the only one who wishes it was over already.


I see a lot of threads like this. I think this might be the least popular storyline to ever run since this community launched.


I think it’s better to say it’s second only to Heroes in Crisis as the most popular least popular storyline in the community.


Ready for RIC to go and Dick
To be back.


Ricwing! for the win!

Overall I really like it but I wish it was just about Ric, the team of nightwings feels forced. I hope it leads to something cool like the team going rogue or turning evil

I hate it so much. I dropped the book and I’m not picking it up again till Dick is back.


I dropped the title because of it. They completely changed everything about him that made him who he is. I won’t pick it up again until Dick is back to himself and these extra characters/Nightwings are gone. This is not a team book. We do not need a team of Nightwings. We don’t want a team of Nightwings.


I get that it’s not for everybody but at least they are taking chances with the character. It’s refreshing honestly. Change scares some people I guess. I think the people who don’t like should just suck it up and see where it goes, maybe the point is that you shouldn’t like Ric. I still have this feeling that the Nightwings are going to turn villainess and Dick/Ric will have to overcome them and take back his mantle.

Really like it

I laugh at all the “they changed the character completely,” comments

Ric is 99.9% just like Dick. Only his memory is missing.

Some of the issues have had Ric act more like Dick than Dick acts at times


Much better than the previous arc. The Darkweb one. There was so little attention paid to character in that story. Nobody seemed to act like themselves, not Babs, certainly not Dick who is apparently some kind of luddite for no reason. Same dude who was a natural with a computer in his eye, fighting nanobots and facing against posthumanist threats. Same guy…?

Honestly this arc feels refreshing. By discussing how he has changed, or not, the story has brought back care for character. He is much more in-character, Babs is so much more in-character. He is just a guy who lives in the moment, who can’t help but throw himself into danger to help anyone, every time duty calls.

I feel like the other Nightwings are meant to represent aspects of his character and skills. The detective guy, a sleuth, a natural leader, serious with his head always in the game. The firefighter, a multi-talented, genuine hero who has mastered improvising with what life gives him. The female officer. the temperamental force of nature that gets gets so dedicated to their duty they lose track of the rest of their life. I’m wondering what that little brother officer represents. His flaws, perhaps, boy-hostage, second fiddle, the sidekick, never really assured of his proper place beside the greats like Batman and Wonder Woman. I’m sure we’ll come to see how those flaws are actually strengths, if given time to face them. How a meek person can be a Robin, how being on a team can create strength greater than the sum of it’s parts, how to get knocked down and get back up swinging! (Unless he dies to motivate the team in some big showdown. I know how stories work, that boy is a Redshirt.)

This story is not “he is no longer Dick,” it is a discussion of what it means to be Dick. It isn’t a name or a title, Dick, Ric, Robin, Nightwing. It is a hero.

P.S. I am so glad they can use this as an excuse to not do another “under the shadow of living up to Batman” story. We are all sick of hearing how Dick feels ooh so inferior all the time next to Batman, his teacher, who he aught to have surpassed by now but can’t because (honestly because Batman makes the Big Bucks…) We are all sick of it and some of the stories that have been told on the subject have been disgusting, perverted, and extremely out of character for what their partnership is, in practice.


Reading the comments, I get why some people like it. I’m just ready for it to be over so we can move on to another story. Sighs At least Jurgens is writing it now. Who’s idea was it to give it to Lobdell?


@Psudopod “I feel like the other Nightwings are meant to represent aspects of his character and skills.”

I hadn’t thought of it that way. If this is the intent, then I find the story more interesting. Still, I hope it wraps up sooner rather than later. I prefer Dick being center stage, and I like his connections. I want him to team up and hangout with Babs and Damian and Wally. I want him stand shoulder to shoulder with Batman, to be confident in his heroic place in the world as Nightwing, whether that be solo or acting as a partner/leader/teammate. On the plus side, he seems to be better off than Wally and Roy…


Hated it should’ve left him comatose or dead


Trust me, you’re not the only one. “Ric Grayson” needs to die. Long live Dick.


It’s a ricsaster I’m hate reading it