Thoughts on Mortal Kombat X Comic Series

What do you guys think of DC Comics Mortal Kombat series? I haven’t got to it yet and I’m curious as to what you guys’ opinions are on it!

Spoilers are more than ok!

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I need to give it another read. :slight_smile: I was completely blown away by the art, though. They really used color really well, especially on the cover and in more elaborately detailed scenes.


I need to give it a read! Seems like a hidden jem!!! Is it crazy violent like the games??

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Some how this went under my radar but will check it out next week when I go back to comic shop.

Yeah, it absolutely is crazy violent. It’s not great, I will say. Sometimes I like the art, other times it’s really ugly and photo-referenced. The story of the book is exactly like the videogame: dumb, bombastic, and way over-the-top. The problem is, in a videogame, the gameplay is the focus, which makes the story acceptable, but if you’re only focusing on the story, then it doesn’t work. The chapters are short, and easy to try, plus they’re all on DCU, but IMO they’re not great.