Thoughts On "Justice League International (2011) New 52"

So I had some time on my hands in the last couple days and decided “why not binge a series”. I was a huge fan of the original Keith Giffen Justice League International run, but I kind of took a break during the whole of New 52 so I have not read much from that era. So I decided to give this book a try. I knew it was written by Dan Jurgens and not Keith Giffen so I was not expecting it to be like the original JLI, but I liked a lot of the characters in it and Booster Gold is probably my favorite character, so I thought I would give it a try.

For starters I loved the artwork. I have always been a fan that can roll with artwork that is not really (my style) as long as I enjoy the story, but the artwork on this was just the style of artwork I like and it really enhanced my enjoyment of the book.

As for the story… well I didn’t not like it. For the most part I found the stories intersting and easy to read. But maybe I want to compare it too much to the old JSI but it just never entirely landed with me.

Part of the appeal of the original JLI was not as much the humor (although was surprised more of that wasn’t worked into a comic called Justice League International, but didn’t expect them to try and mimic Keith Giffen) but the character development and character moments themselves. A lot of the stories of the original had no villain and were really about the eclectic cast of characters interacting.

There were moments of that at times felt like that but with only 2 stories (Plus the weird annual which had them disband literally the issue after they decided not to disband) it never felt like it had time to settle into anything.

Will try to be light on spoilers. But the team formed, then after one story a good number of them got hurt, including Fire and Ice who were two of my favorites in the team, and Rocket Red got killed before we even had time to care (although to be fair the original JLI had the first Rocket Red become a manhunter after only a couple stories too) and the two UN officials who formed the team were written off before we got to know them well enough for it to matter. A couple new members join in the second story but then the book was over, except they decided to not disband until an annual which showed their new headquarters and brought in 2 team members… only for the team to mostly be defeated until a dues ex machina and then then disband again. Why even do that issue?

Not hating on the book, the 2 stories they told were good but I think some of it suffered from modern day comics problems that can come with “writing for the trade”. Most stories are around six issues now so it is hard to really have time to develip characters and really get a status quo especially on a short lived book. I know it is the way comics are and from a business stnadpoint it is obvious why they do it, but then it leads to things like the team being kicked out and brought into the UN over and over again so they barely even qualified as a team which if this was the old days of stories being shorter they probably could have done more and had more chances for character development and character interaction.

They did have some nice character moments thrown in. Booster and Godiva had good chemisty, and as a fan of seeing obscure characters featured it was fun having her on the team. Guy and Ice had some nice moments that felt like the Guy and Ice of old, and August General of Iron was well handled and actually got me to care about the character when at the start all I thought was “August General in Iron… yeah that’s not very exciting” props to Dan Jurgens for making a character I never cared for likeable.

Was also great seeing Booster Gold as a leader. The series ended without him having time to truly have a “becomes a leader” arc. But they were true to the character showing a glory hound who deep down is more of a hero than most people see him as.

The big thing I had was I could have been fine with the humor not being there, but with so much more emphasis on action then the original series it didn’t get time to fully develop the characters and establish their connection to each other. So without that it was just a team of D list heroes with a couple B listers thrown in… and Batman, with limited time to get them to feel like anything but the second tier heroes pretending to be the Justice League they kept telling us they were. So I kind of see why it didn’t last long.

Was wondering if anyone else had an opinion on thie book. Clearly it wasn’t popular given it didn’t last long. But was curious to see if I was the only one with a mostly luke warn opinion of it.


I read the first storyline and that was it. I was fine with it, but not interested in reading more especiallysince I heard it was all downhill. Its replacement series is its superior in every way, so the cancellation worked out.


I’m in the same boat with you, buddy. I did not care initially for Justice League international reboot in the new 52. I excluded it at the time because I thought it was a series that A). A poor successor to the 80s original. B) The series is an unnecessary addition to the other JL books during the New 52.

That was unfair and I should have given it a chance, and two months ago I did. I say the negatives I had for the series didn’t really my overall feeling of “pretty good”. Not the best, but way better than I was expecting.

The first arc is not particularly strong and it doesn’t do itself service by introducing a world-ending threat for the team to fight. If only he was a compelling villain because it does seem interesting that the Jack Kirby inspired villain was strong enough to take out the JLI and not really lose, but tactically retreat.

It’s the second arc that pulls the narrative into something amazing with a great focus on drama and action. The change in tone and character really made this series more entertaining. Booster Gold is a good leader here and the villains are way better than the one from the first arc. Practically responsible for ending the team in #7.

However what I really enjoyed were the new characters and not the ones you expect. Goldvia, August General In Iron, and David Zaviambe/Batwing.

-Goldvia would fit perfectly in the old Justice League international books as she’s just a British celebrity superhero who secretly has a jaded nature about her insecurities and her inexperience facing world-ending threats, but her tenacity and resourceful always pulls through.

Her flirting with Booster always bothered me because it really doesn’t make sense why she would be interested in him. The only logic I could think of is Dan Jurgens wanted to pair a pretty girl with Booster Gold.

-August General In Iron has been living rent in my head for a while now. He is this giant iron hero that is easy to dismiss because he’s a patriotic superhero who initially comes off as mean. However, August does show he is actually a caring teammate and understand his team. He assure a skeptical Goldvia is a good superhero and was one of the first people to believe Booster Gold could be a good leader.

-Goldiva and August have plenty of scenes together and are actually a good pair. August was one of the few people Goldvia was open about her problems on the team and August is supportive of her and likes that she wants him to live more as as human.

They were the best dynamic in the book and I really think we should have more of them together in something like a global Guardians book.

Admittedly, I was a Batwing fan already, but his introduction after half the team is out commission was sort of a comeback for the team after that really gave this book some life.

I like this moment with him and August. That was pretty funny considering these two are mostly a brick wall of emotion, only for August it’s mostly literal.

This series has a mediocre beginning and bad ending, but it’s middle was pretty solid. And I really like the characters by the end of it. I won’t say I love this team, but I do think the people on it like those I mentioned are pretty great and would think in another book, Booster Gold would make a great leader of a JL team and the global Guardians could have their own series with Goldvia and August.


I read the New 52 volume of JLI from start to finish as it came out in singles and I thought it was a good time.

It was fun, gave Booster Gold a starring gig in the new era and the issues with David Finch covers are quite choice as well.


I did think the second storyline was better than the first, not sure it would be worth going back to read it now, but I didn’t think it went “downhill” until the annual.

Agree they were the highlight. I was amazed they made me like August General in Iron, I never liked him and while I get what they were doing with his name, him and that whole team have the hardest to read names in all of superherodome.

Also agree it is a shame nothing came of the Global Guardians thing. After reading this I would read a global guardians book.