Thoughts on joker ? I loved it so much:)


Welcome to DC Universe @arianna_thenerd! :slightly_smiling_face: I thought the Joker was good. Dark and depressing, but hey with 11 nomination at the Oscars, it’ll be fun to see how many awards it’ll win next month! Here’s hoping for best picture award!

No falling into a vat of acid in this one. Society is the vat of acid. On top of a descent to madness, it really is about a guy finding his calling and himself even if it’s a horrible idea. And if it creates a superhero in the process.

Wow…Joker creating Batman. Seen it all now.

I absolutely loved it. Was the first time that I was totally on his side. I thought the new origin was heartbreaking.

To be fair, Joker created Batman in the 1989 Batman movie, too.

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Moses and his tablets! He did!