thoughts on Jared Leto joker

I didn’t mind it at first until someone pointed it out and I’m yea he wasn’t the greatest seem more like a modern day joker remade

It was good. A different take but if all we get is the same thing over and over, what’s the point?


He wasn’t bad :ok_hand:t2:


He was great!

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he was good but cut too short i wanted to see more


I liked him. He was intimidating and fun to watch, without being horrifically nightmare-inducing.


i feel like we did not get to see enough of him to judge


We saw him plenty enough to make an observation, and we all know it was like watching someone try to pretend to be a psychotic maniac. I feel like there were much better options and or routes to go. The laughter was terribly over acted and probably what killed it the most for most fans.

He was great but just had a terrible look. He needed more scenes or a bigger role like being the main villain for him to get to shine like he needed to and stand out more.

I really hope he returns for The Batman or something even if just a cameo but still being part of the universe

I wish he was given more screentime and he shouldve been the villian in SS not Enchantress/Incubus. There were shades of absolute greatness in Leto’s joker… even better than Ledger’s.


They forgot to make him funny. I know Jokers ruthless and psychotic and all those things, hes also usually has some damn good lines. He was missing that mischievous charm that makes him so entertaining. It’s like they wanted him to be intimidating only, instead he just felt obnoxious. He came off as mindlessly violent and reactionary. He was more like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas than anything. He was at level 11 creepiness the whole time. It’s hard to think what Harleen could gave possibly latched onto, at least Btas made him charming, funny, and a bit more subtly manipulative.
Feel like all his scenes got cut and the movie was rewritten to exclude them. Why? Maybe he was just a sh!÷÷/ Joker at the end of the day. I had no problem with his look, just his demeanor and attitude. Can someone give me a single funny line from the Joker in Suicide Squad? “This looks neat” is about as close as I can find

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I really enjoyed his interpretation because he definitely worked to make his version unique from everyone else’s while being true to the comics (sans the DAMAGED tat and the fronts which I liked). Jack was the Clown, Heath was the Anarchist, but Jared was the Gangster and that worked for a movie universe where supervillains are more established than the superheroes.

I was okay with his interpretation. It’s nothing amazing, but we got to see 10 minutes of him, so I can’t make a final decision on him. I wouldn’t really mind if they re-cast him with someone else. I’m sure there’s someone out there who could do a much better job.

He could have been great if written properly. I really think he could’ve pulled off an Endgame style Joker. They should have made him the main villain and gave him a better characterization.

I didn’t care for the street punk biker look for Harley Quinn & Joker that they decided for Suicide Squad. But for the style they decided to do, Leto did amazing. I am happy with his Joker. Looking forward to him vs Affleck hopefully before it is all said and done.

He was great. It was a new take, and I don’t know why people give him crap. It was fresh and not like anything we’ve seen before. Why should they copy Heath Ledger? I think that’s what people wanted. However, Joaquin looks awesome as well.

It wasn’t a good fit. With the dumpster fire that was BvS, the idea this Joker is the opposite to insane murder Batman? Plus it screamed try hard, and the behind the scenes gimmicks certainly didn’t help (sending used condoms, dead animals, and such to cast mates. Saying he talked to serial killers).

I don’t feel that I’ve been able to see enough of Leto to gain a vested opinion on his performance. What, ten or so few minutes worth? I do feel they used him as bait in the trailer to gain $$$, and after watching the movie, I feel misled.

I also feel misled by the Justice League trailer. Much respect to mr and mrs. Snyder. Simply put: Fan loyalty >$$$. The Snyders understood this. The money comes after the demonstrated loyalty to the fans and turning down what the paid critics say.

I don’t mind his Joker at all. I could’ve done without the tattoos, but they don’t ruin his performance. He seems good for the role to me. He isn’t done with the character yet, by the way, so his next outing as the Joker might change a lot of fans’ minds.