Thoughts on Jane Part 2: Support Group

  1. So Paw Patrol was triggering for me, was it hard for you? The abuses and Torture.
  2. Chief saving her at the end was adorable. When he cuts the bracelet off, “You won’t have to go through anymore of those.” It was beautiful but I was not only bawling because of that but because no one ever saved me from the childhood abuses that messed me up splitting me.
  3. What new parts of her do you wish to discuss on? For me I found it interesting that she convinced the Mom Clown to turn her back…that she never “wants to be Kay.” Or it is interesting that she can force her control with the Doctor.

The Chief is so awesome


He save me from the 5th dimension


Janes whole story in this episode was awesome. Still don’t get how she looks the same now as she did in the late 70’s. Unlike the others there is not an obvious reason why she (or Chief for that matter) would look the same now as then. But the only gripe I had and hopefully that answer is coming.


I just noticed that scene of Cliff calling Jane out of the rain as the colors on the painting run was from the comics of my God that makes it sadder.


Yes. That scene in Paw Patrol was hard to watch. Not personally triggering, but hard to watch.

Jane’s past sucks