Thoughts on James Tynion?

I’ll admit, I have only really read his Justice League Dark stuff, but I really enjoy what he has done with that series! I Have heard some interesting things about what he is doing with the main Batman book, but will probably wait until trades to catch those.

What are peoples thoughts on James Tynion as a writer? What other stuff has he written?


Im a fan. I will always tout his and Scott Snyder’s run on Talon. It was a Court of Owls spin off which really reminded me of the Goodwin/Simonson Manhunter run in the best way possible.


I started reading Detective Comics during his run and thought he wrote the different characters very well. I’m about to start reading Something is Killing the Children from him.


Something Is Killing the Children is good.

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I’ll catch the trades when they come out but jorge jimenez is probably my favorite artist of all time now, I already read the Batman books so this is an easy sell for me.

Loves me some Tynion IV! :metal:

He wrote the best Bat-book of Rebirth (Detective Comics) and has written or co-written other fun reads as well.

If you thought his run on JLD was good @EDT, buckle your sealtbelt for if/when you read his 'Tec run, because that goes to 11.


His 'Tec run? What’s that?

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“'Tec” is short for Detective Comics.

I was referring to Tynion IV’s run on the current Detective Comics series.

Which is really good. :+1:

I think he has done some great stuff with Batman. Plus he seems like a nice guy.

To anwser your second question. Other stuff he has written for is Detective Comics (2016) and some of the New 52 Batman issues

His Detective run is amazing. That along with Red Hood And The has Outlaws were the best runs at the beginning of Rebirth.

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I hope so! This was a blind buy for me so I got the first volume and 6 and 7 in singles. I think 8 came out buuuut…I don’t really wanna be in stores rummaging through books at the moment.

I loved his run on Detective Comics Rebirth. His Batman run is off to a good start as well but I absolutely loved how well he used Batwoman and the team (especially Clayface). He’s a great writer.