Thoughts on James Gunn writing Suicide Squad 2?

It was announced yesterday that James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) would be writing the sequel for Suicide Squad 2 after director Gavin O’Connor (The Accountant, Warrior) stepped down. WB hired Gunn to write the sequel with the potential to direct it.

What are your thoughts on this news?


Not digging the possibility. Not just because of the controversy but while he’s a good director. He’s not for me

He made me care for Guardians of the Galaxy but those films aren’t my favorite in the MCU


I love it, I think he’s perfect for making a suicide squad movie


Im a little on the fence about this

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Naw. Patti Jenkins & James Wan want nothing to do with James Gunn


It’s a no for me. And @Echelon is right, Jenks and Wan want nothing to do with him.


I’m perfectly fine with it. While I wasn’t a fan of the jokes he made on twitter back then, it was 8 years ago, and he apologized before at the time.

I think Gunn makes great movies and Suicide Squad would be a great match for him. (Although I do understand why some might not like this choice)

Has Patty Jenkins and James Wan publicly say something about James Gunn?

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This Story may not be true. Some think it’s to throw shade at DC Warner before Aquaman’s release. Grace Randolph & Film Gob.

He only apologized after he got the gig for GOTG 1. Its a no for me.


I think it’s brilliant. I hope he both writes and directs. (I also secretly hope that his Suicide Squad 2 eventually crushes Guardians of the Galaxy 3 at the box office :wink: )


Shame on you! Good luck to both projects

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I’m not a fan of his previous movies. I don’t care for his comments about DC characters and his previous tweets and blog posts. I don’t think he’s talented to the extent that WB/DC should be risking such a backlash for. Suicide Squad 2 already has the hurdle of the first movie to get over, WB is not doing the sequel any favors by attaching someone like Gunn to this project. WB was only barely winning fans back. There is no reason to risk losing the very small amount of good will that they have left.


I hope they do it, and he brings in all the songs that should have been in Guardians 3!

SS shld never have left the production stage with the giant pile of crap that movie was…it starred will smiths beard and margot robbie’s ass character design was trash cough killer croc cough the script was liquid shit why in gods name wld WB gift wrap a sequel…uuuggggggghhhhh its so frustrating…Francis Ford Copola cldnt even polish this turd to shine

I think that would be awesome

He is a great talent, I don’t think that a director like “Gun” is expendable.

Big mistake. Very creepy guy and it comes through in his story telling. How did Disney let him have a mass child grave in GotG2? 1 was pretty good but 2 was so bad.


Love it! Idgaf about the jokes, very clearly shock humor. He comes from Troma studios, the home of Shock n Schlock. He is anything but a Hollywood elitist. Pedos and rapists dont really call attention to their deviance, see Bill Cosby. A career that lasted decades and not one single hint of the real life monster he was, just the narrative that he is “Americas dad”. Kevin Spacey, Brian Singer, Jeffery Jones…these people present themselves as squeaky clean and avoid conversations about their sexuality. There is a full length documentary about the real problem of pedophilia in Hollywood with a strong focus on Brian Singer and his “pool parties” but wouldnt you know it, no distribution company will distribute it. Wonder why…
With that said, Dawn of the Dead was great (Gunn wrote, Snyder directed) Slither is awesome, Super was interesting, definitely a fresh take on the genre. He can do dark, he can do light and no matter what, it will be a good story. I’ve been a fan since long before GotG was even a conversation in a writers room. Can. Not. Wait.

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I think he will do the best job he can, to stick it to Disney/Marvel for all the drama. Can’t wait to see what happens. (In about 3+ years seeing as writing just started)