Thoughts on Hawk and Dove in Titans [SPOILER]

Ok so I get they used Hank and Dawn rather Hank and Don but like I dont get why they are not giving them there superpower as the avatars of War and Peace. They got there costumes down point and when I saw them in season one I completely nerd out and freaking was like super overjoyed but then they didn’t have there powers was a little up set am I the only one who was?

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I was the opposite. Spending a lot of time setting up the entire avatar construct is way to much screen time. If they wanted to give them their own spinoff, that would be the place to do that. And the characters aren’t compelling enough yet to warrant their own show.

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I really like Hank and Dawn as street level DIY crime fighters who found a larger purpose with Robin and the original Titans. There’s no shortage of heavy hitters on the show, from Aqualad and Wonder Girl on the first team to Starfire and Raven on the current one, so having a couple more regular people beside Dick and Jason helps balance things out. Maybe if I was super invested in their comic incarnations it would bother me, but in terms of the make up of the roster I think Hawk and Dove are really important to keep things grounded.

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I love them. They keep things grounded, which I really like. To me, they also give two of the best acting performances on the show. Their dynamic of being built out of pain is pretty powerful, and each time they seem to be happy (the ranch with Ellis, and then singing at the bar), something has to come throw a wrench in it all. I think they drive a lot of emotion on the show. I was really hoping for a spinoff of them, but idk if that’s gonna happen.

One of the things that drove me crazy about the animated Justice League show was that they refused to use Wonder Woman’s full arsenal - specifically, that her lasso was just some random piece of rope with no magical powers.

Fast forward four seasons to The Balance, where the lasso’s full powers were unlocked. Made for a great story and I was finally satisfied because it was a significant step in Diana’s growth.

In other words, just because Hank and Dawn don’t have powers now doesn’t mean that they won’t someday…


Exactly. The show takes on so much already

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Love them

I was super let down too! If they gave them powers it would have made them WAY cooler! I hope Hawk and Dove get some justice on screen or a long series in comics