thoughts on Harley Quinn

I’m gonna keep an open mind

I think it is a great voice cast…

I like it. Cailie Cuoco(sp?) wasn’t my first choice but I’m sure she’ll do fine.

Before hand it was the one I was probably least looking forward to (not because it sounded bad, just because there wasn’t enough info to really be excited). Now, after seeing the animation, the cast and the kind of humor they’re going for, I’m super looking forward to it.


I was the same way wasn’t sure about it but after getting a taste of what it is I’m definitely interested

Just like when I heard Ruby Rose was set to play batwoman ( an awesome character) I thought I didn’t even know that was an option! I’m starting to see great Talent get cast for our DC universe shows and that makes me so happy.

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I think it looks amazing. A Harley Quinn animated series immediately had my attention and was the main reason why I preordered to DCU. Having seen a taste I really can’t wait.

The trailer was hilarious. It took shots at the cancelled Deadpool animater series, whiny DC fans, and the DC films and shows itself.

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Didn’t Penny’s co star play Harley in the batman, Nightwing, Harley movie that was out recently?

This first preview totally turned me around on it. I’ll admit I’ve honestly just never got the appeal. I always thought she was one-note on BTAS, and only got more annoyed with her through to Suicide Squad. But I gotta say the writing of that short FEELS like they recognize the character’s flaws and are leaning into them in a fun way. It actually got me to check out a Harley comic! (Side note: Humphries is doing some awesome work over there.)

Trailer has me interested. Ivy was my favorite part. " They are gonna hate it. They hate everything." Lol

I f’n hate 4th wall breaking and taking cheap shots at fans, rival competitions and even stuff related to their own universe like the whole dark & gritty vs fun bs.

That better just be for that promo. As for Harley…she’s not among my favorite characters but yeah I like her and all, so I am interested. Good cast too

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What if this show starts a dc comedy Animated universe here in dc universe? I would love that

Really wish Tara Strong was voicing Harley.

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My fav with Wonder Woman