Thoughts on Fear State

Hi all, was wondering what is everyoine’s thought on ther fear state even going on in the Batman comics right now. I’m for the most part enjoying it and l like the peacekeeper 01 character. I guess i was just curious if anyone else is readin it and what their opinion on it were. Anyway Feel free to share if you so desire.

Logged on to see if there was discussion. It is a Strong storyline. It’s coherent. People are making decisions that make sense yet the stakes are high. And WOW…with the year the world has had since 2020 (global pandemic) it is such more viscerally understandable than it would have been years ago.


Agree with you on the world events thing. With the way the world is going something like the magistrate is seeming less far fetched im afraid. Totally forget i made this thread.

I am greatly enjoying Fear state it shows why bruce chose to be batman instead of creating something like the Magistrate which he had the money to do. it does now make sense why they bankrupted batman as he would have been able to better handle or perhaps even stop the magistrate from even forming had he still had his fortune. It’s also purrfect for this time of year. It also put the fear back into the Scarecrow.

I am also happy for Nightwing and batgirl classic finally getting back together for the first official time since at least Dick got shot in the head during the lead-up to Year of the villain if not since the rise of the new 52. I only just jumped on Nightwing.

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That it will never end.

I wish I was able to give more poignant critique. But what I can say is that between Fear State and the current run of Wonder Woman, I haven’t been this excited about reading DC comics in a long time.
Fear State is wonderful with how integrated the story is with multiple titles. Ram V’s work on Catwoman it fitting like a key into Tynion’s lock on Batman. Stephanie Phillips’ Harley Quinn ties in perfectly and is giving us a run up to Arkham Tower. It’s all just so good.

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My preference will always be Dick and Starfire, but oh well.

There is nothing wrong with that.

This Nightwing run has been pretty good! I’d go back and read Tom Taylor’s whole run (starting issue #78) if you’re able. You’d be able to catch up really quickly.

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That’s actually where i started with Nightwing. Welcome to the community =).

Welcome to the community @mayag224.90881! :partying_face: Glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying the Nightwing run. :0_nightwing:

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