Thoughts on DC New Age of Heroes

Silencer - Damage - Sideways -The Terrifics - The Immortal Men - The Curse of Brimstone - The New Challengers - The Unexpected

I’m a few issues behind on most titles, but so far I could see a few breakout characters. Might not be able to hold their own series, but could make for a great team title later.

Of all of them, I like the Sideways character the most, and I think he has the most potential. Yes, he’s basically a Spider-Man clone, but that formula works. And I actually like the costume design and power set. No a lot of teleporters that I can think of in the DC Universe.

Damage I think could work for a while in a solo series, but eventually I think he’d do better in an ensemble book. Again, yes, a Hulk clone. But you introduce the same element of two people in the same character, and one of those is a military man instead of a brainy scientist. Not sure how I feel about “zombie” look to his face, but overall I don’t mind the character design. And the power set of just being a destructive rage monster is pretty straight forward.

Silencer is okay for me so far too. The whole, “assassin trying to live a normal life” angle isn’t bad. And I think again, she might do well as a counterpoint to someone like Deathstroke, Deadshot, and other DC assassins. The one think I’m not sold on is her character design. Really it’s just the mask she has on when she’s wearing it. It looks like a ball cap made out of the Michelin Man. The power set is pretty cool though. Creating a bubble of silence could be taken to some interesting places, but I could see it getting played out if it was used too often for stealth kills.

The Terrifics has been a fun book for me so far too. And again, yes, a Fantastic Four clone. But also again, I think it works. The Metamorpho vs Plastic Man angle is great with Rex getting sick of Plastic Mans personality. And I like Plastic Man, so already a win. I don’t know much about Phantom Girl, or really Mr. Terrific that much, but they both work well in this group. As far as character design, I like the newer team suits we see them in.

Curse of Brimstone is kind of a miss for me. The art and the story telling are fine, but I just don’t see this character going too far into the DC Universe. The character design doesn’t bother me, nor does the power set. It’s just been a forgettable title for me.

The Immortal Men is another miss for me, and apparently for others as this has already been canceled. I haven’t finished the 6 issue run yet, but really was just another forgettable story. The first few issues looked like they were going to lead into something, but with it ending at issue 6 I’m guessing a lot will be left on the table.

The Unexpected and New Challengers are only a few issues in for me, so I can’t really say much yet. Hasn’t blown me away though.

So what are your thoughts?

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Silencer - It is ok. The stories and character dev, IMO is just not there…Damage - I felt it started off well. I loved the art and old-school Hulk-like stories. I even liked the Hourman tie. As of late the story has just died and the art is sad…Sideways - I could not make it past issue 5. Not for me…The Terrifics - Best of the group to me. I love it, the characters, the interactions, and story. A+++… The Immortal Men - Story made no sense and glad it got canned…The Curse of Brimstone - At first this was the one I looking forward to the most. Then it drops and ugh! No thanks!..The New Challengers - Not sure on this one. I am a huge fan of the previous series. High hopes and hanging on…The Unexpected - Just blah…poor attempt, no thanks. These are just my opinions…

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The Terrifics is the only one I’ve really tried. But I like that a lot.

Huge fan of Sideways!

I was reading 7 of 8 of the titles.

Down to just Sideways, The Silencer and The Terrifics.

Sideways is barely hanging on at the moment.

I’m not reading the New Challengers or the Immortal Men but I am reading all the rest of them. My favorite is Silencer with Sideways a close second.

I was thinking about Sideways and Silencer. They were the two books that appealed to me the most. But I’ve kind of been waiting to hear what people thought. Sideways seems to generally have good reviews from what I’ve seen, whereas Silencer is maybe a bit more mixed?


Personally I think The Silencer is a much better book than Sideways

Sideways is a fun character but the story just isn’t doing all that much for me.

@JonWes: I think Silencer is a great book because the main character, Honor Guest, is a fully fleshed out character that I’ve come to care about over the course of the book. I also like that she has a family and a happy family life, which is something not very common in DC’s books lately. I think that makes her struggle to keep that peaceful life intact despite her past coming back to haunt her more meaningful and fulfilling.

Also, I forgot to mention that I really am enjoying Curse of Brimston as well.

Word is that unexpected will be canceled at #8.


Thanks so much! That’s great to hear. You’ve got me intrigued. I’ll have to check Silencer out.

@JonWes: You’re welcome. I really like helping other fans find books they might like.

@ WeirdScienceDC: Where’d you hear that? Just curious since I am likely that book and I always hate to see books I enjoy come to an end.

Edit: Dang it I meant “liking” there. They seriously need to get an edit function here.

I’m reading the curse of brimestone, the immortal men and the unexpected. I actually like how their going