Thoughts on Action Comics #1050

So had some thoughts on Action Comics 1050 I wanted to share.

I was not a fan of Superman making his identity public and knew it was not going to be a long term thing obviously (at this point I think assuming anything that big a change to the status quo is going to last long is niave) so knew it was only a matter of time until they undid it. But am I the only one who got shades of Spider-Man: One More Day? Not sure how they could have undone it without a mass memory wipe event (and they really handwaved away the fact it was in articles, magazines, etc.) but it did not feel real inspired how they undid it. And the fact it conveniently left the people who knew before he went public still knowing.

Except… for Luthor. I guess Luthor knowing means it didn’t completely ignore the past year of stories. But at the same time his biggest enemy knowing seems like something that is going to become an issue for the writers sooner rather than later, as how long will it make sense Luthor keeps it secret even if it was his idea?

Again, glad they undid Clark’s identity being public, but not thrilled with the decisions. Of course I didn’t like he went public anyway so not sure they could have made it work for me personally.


I was against superman revealing his identity initially, but now after time has passed I feel like nothing really changes and that it was a good change. It was probably how Bendis executed the reveal, but afterwards with writer Philip Kennedy Johnson treating it not like a big deal and parallels with Jonathan Kent in Superman: Son of Kal-el that revealing that part of yourself is challenging but it’s still okay that made me appreciate a superman with no secret identity.

Even in the supergirl cw show, by season 6, Kara didn’t really have a excuse to hide her identity anymore and having most of her friends and family being exceptional people who can easily take care of themselves making the argument that they need to have protection argument invalid.

The idea that it was brought back is really unnecessary. Super-heroes like superman has the greatest support structure one can ask for and superman revealing his identity actually made him more connected to his humanity and relatable.

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Definitely agree with that, but I still find it interesting it implies that Martian Manhunter is so powerful that he has telepathic safeguards on all current and reserve Justice League members. Just think if he could do that what else can he do.

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I get where you are coming from with the secret-id seeming unessecary sometimes. But to me Superman’s secret identity as “mind mannered Clark Kent” is such a part of Superman’s character that it just doesn’t feel like Superman without it.

I also am not a fan that more and more people seem against secret identities. I mean, yeah realistically in the real world 99% of those secret identities wouldn’t fool anyone. Not like a glasses or even a mask would fool people who know you, at least for very long. But the double life aspect is part of what I always find so interesting about most superheroes, I am a bit disheartened that writers and fans now seem to not be able to just suspend disbelief enough to make that work and want to ditch secret identities as soon as possible.


Weirdly, Luthor can’t actually tell anyone Clark’s identity, due to the nature of what he did.

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Not me. Unlike One More Day, Action #1050 was good and delightfully Quesada-free.

Going on 16 years later and as Jonah Hill’s character said in Superbad, “People don’t forget.”

Of course, I say that as an ardent Brand New Day fan. One More Day wasn’t good, but BND? Loved it, potential hypocrisy be darned! :grin:

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I loved the Alex Ross Covers

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