Thought on Titans season premiere

I can honestly say I had my doubts about Titans but after watching the first episode I have to say I’m very impressed with where they were going with it. I have my issues with Starfire but I will say I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings the fans in upcoming episodes. After watching Dick Grayson and him fight as Robin in the alley scene this is the Robin I know and grew up reading. I’m definitely hook and interested to see what’s in store for future episodes. I also like how there is light but also darkness that stays true to the DC persona.


Though not completely sold on Starfire, I was pleasantly surprised. Can’t wait for Hawk and Dove!!!

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This episode was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. I’m not gonna lie when I first saw the casting and then trailer my main interests were Starfire and Beastboy. And they still are my main interests but Robin and Raven are intriguing enough to make me want to care. I still wanted to see more Beastboy though. I guess you could say that that would be my biggest gripe. All in all good first episode!

I really, really liked it. Even Starfire. I just think of this as a well done Elseworlds version.

Looking forward to seeing the season play out!

This show exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think it was going to be that good. That was an extremely impressive pilot episode. Once this thing gets some traction and the creators really find their groove, this show could be huge.

Nice work everyone!

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Terrible. Just terrible.


Nah, awesome just awesome

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Going to be a good watch.

I loved it. Exceeded my expectations.

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Really liked it, stoked to have something good to watch friday nights for a month or two

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My wife and I really enjoyed the first episode. My only complaint would be not enough Gar :wink: I like what ralphsix said, that this could be looked at as an interesting Elseworlds story.

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Loved it…DCU movies should take notes

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Everything outside the comics is an else worlds story. This is an interesting one for sure though

I wasn’t certain what to expect from the Titans series but episode one was really fun.

I loved it, especially the brutality in a few parts. I’ve got to say, I found myself enjoying Anna Diop as Starfire. Her acting and vfx worked for me. I only hope they lose the fur coat and the costume design gets better as the season progresses. Grayson and Raven were pretty much what I expected (which is a good thing.). I guess my only complaint about ep1 (besides the fur coat) is beast boy only got a few minutes of screen time :rage:. Really looking forward to Friday night’s now though :+1:t2::metal:t2:


I’m still on the fence. I’m a fan of all the renditions of Titans including the comic books. I love the action and suspense they are brining with the show. I really hope it gets better as the season goes on!

I really enjoyed the Raven subplot and the Starfire stuff is intriguing but Dick just came off as too unlikable to me

Season definetly needs to end with Starfire getting a costume. Really hoping the amnesia plot doesn’t drag on the whole season

I’ll be as honest and fair as possible. I have positive and negative thoughts. I wasn’t blown away by it. I DID enjoy it but it honestly fell short for me.

The negative:
This origin story felt somewhat forced. I felt there were some loose plots. I completely understand that this is meant to be out of DC continuity however having these characters as part of the flagship show and not appear in costume was a miss in my opinion. Is Starfire supposed to be a prostitute? A spy? Part of some underground mob world? This is an example of moving way too far away from roots. I get that she was after Raven but in my opinion that plot line was the weakest. Just felt forced as if she needed to be in the episode but no one was quite sure just how to use her. Detroit??? Didn’t JLA - Detroit teach us anything??? It almost had an 80’s super-hero show feel to it at times (think JLA with Fire, Ice, Guy Gardner, Atom and Martian Man Hunter). Beast Boy scene was totally random. Made no sense. Why not either bring him in next episode or time him into the story sooner. Again, just felt forced. Please don’t pull a “Smallville” and make us wait 9 years to see them in costume.

The positive:
Robin was AWESOME. Although not enough Beast Boy, I enjoyed the effects. I believe the show does have promise. Awesome action. Some good humor that worked well. The parts of the story/plot that worked, really WORKED (Although it was Detroit, Dick meeting Raven in the PD worked). Seems like Dick/Robin had a lot of thought put into the writing. Hawk and Dove are in the next episode and in costume!!! The acting was good. I loved the characters.

Just my thoughts off the top of my head after watching it once. I’m sure I will again. I sincerely hope this series is a success. DC is my favorite and want to see this and future episodes kill it!