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This week on DC Universe, we’re celebrating Black History Month by shining a spotlight on Vixen, AKA Mari Jiwe McCabe, a lion of the DC Universe figuratively and sometimes literally. Dive into her origins, history, and essential storylines by visiting our Encyclopedia.

An early version of Vixen was created and set to star in her own series in 1978, but it was cancelled before publication, and the story only showed up in the extremely rare Cancelled Comic Cavalcade during that same year. But her first canonical appearance in the DC Universe was teaming up with Superman to put a stop to illegal fur traders nearly three years later in this team-up story in the pages of Action Comics #521.

One of the most formidable women in the DC Universe, African-born Mari McCabe was an internationally famous supermodel whose stunning looks made her a legend on the runway. But there’s a lot more to her than what is on the surface, as McCabe wa s also the DC Super Hero known as the Vixen. In her crimefighting persona, Vixen used her ancient African Tantu Totem inherited from her ancestors, which allowed her to channel the powers of the entire animal kingdom. She can mimic the strength of a bear, or the speed of a cheetah, making her a hero with one of the most expansive power sets in the entire multiverse.

We are excited to celebrate Vixen by offering fans a chance to win a DC Direct Women of the DC Universe Statue, as well as a copy of the trade paperback Return of the Lion by G. Willow Wilson.

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Hey, neat! Entered!

If anyone wants more of Vixen, there’s an action figure of her Rebirth look in the DC Multiverse action figure line by Mattel. It’s out right now (try Target first) =)


I loved this story! Go Vixen!!!