This Week's Sweepstakes: Titans Swag!

Find this sweepstakes in our News section, or by following this link:

We’re going all out for Titans Season 2 this week, with a full suite of exclusive goodies straight from the shop! Including a shirt, a hat, a mug, a notebook, and a poster, you’ll have everything you need to celebrate the premiere in style.

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win now through September 13th!


I entered, and the page said “thank you for entering our oldschool omnibus collection sweepstakes” lol - FYI <3


What…whatever …do you mean…

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(Thank you!)

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I’m sorry, must have been a hallucination of mine! :sweat_smile: Very cool sweepstakes! Yay Titans!

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What iJest said.

Okay, who’s been screwing with the Contestinator? I know…it was Billy Biddleshmizola!

falls to knees and roars Biddleshmizola!!!

gets up, wipes off knees and chugs a Duff Ah!


can confirm, a Titans t-shirt makes one more attractive and smarter


@manifest, does it also make one older?