This Week's Sweepstakes: Old School Omnibus Collection!

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It is said to be the grooviest decade of American history, and there is no better place to explore its far out revolution than by diving into the pages of the best and brightest of DC Comics in the 1970’s.

This week, we’re sweetening up your collection by offering you a chance to win Omnibus collections from greats like Denny O’Neill, Jack Kirby, Gardner Fox, and Mike Sekowsky. Get transported back to a time of groundbreaking and jaw-dropping heroic events like no one had ever seen before!

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win now through September 6th!


Oh yeah, this is some shelf candy right here.


Good luck to everyone who enters! :smiley:

To whoever wins, I really do hope you pop by the Collectors Corner to show off this omnibus in all of its glory.


Entered! Now, you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do a little dance and get down tonight at Hotel California (getting down at the hotel entails gorging myself on their shrimp buffet, FYI).

starts up the digital Vega, pops in an Abba 8-track tape and floors it