This Week's Sweepstakes: Meta Madhouse's Wonder Woman!

Coming in March to DC Universe is our first annual META MADHOUSE competition! Each week starting March 12th, one of our four of our most powerful heroes will be premiering their selected team and pitting them against each other in a fantasy face-off to determine who will emerge their champion!

To pump you up for Meta Madhouse Round One, we are honoring head coach Wonder Woman! This powerhouse package contains not one, not two, but THREE gorgeous hardcover editions of Wonder Woman’s appearances, from an Omnibus that spans Wonder Woman in the groovy 60’s, to the Omnibus featuring Phil Jiminez’s work, and the Absolute of Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman tales. To top it all off, we’re throwing in an exclusive Justice League Wonder Woman figure from DC Collectibles. It’s a giveaway worthy of any Amazonian warrior!

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win now through March 22nd!

You can find it on the News section of our site, or by following the link below:


Bazinga! Entered!


great Hera, another amazing giveaway!


Put in my ticket😁

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