This Week's Sweepstakes: Enter to Win a Rainbow of Batmans!

Find this Sweepstakes on the News section of DC Universe, or follow the link below:

All month long, we’ve been celebrating Pride right here on DC Universe! Today, we are showcasing a gorgeous set of Batman in all the colors of the rainbow, inspired by Detective Comics #241!

To dive even deeper, check out our full collection of comics, shows, movies and encyclopedia entries highlighting LGBTQ+ characters all across the DC Universe.

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win now through June 28th!


Please I want to win this so bad. I need to add to my Batman collection. I would love to win for once


This is an interesting sweepstakes! I’ve never seen a rainbow fleet of Batmans (Batmen? Batdudes?) before.


Unfortunately this issue isn’t restored/digitized, so we can’t show you the crazy cavalcade of costumes Batman wore in this issue- but we DID publish an article highlighting and discussing Detective Comics #241 here:


The rainbow Bats are iconic. Good luck everyone entering the sweepstakes because this is a good prize.
Rainbows make everything better :rainbow:

Oh my goodness!! I have never seen this before. That’s adorable, rainbow is Bats’ best costume ever~ :green_heart: