This Week's Sweepstakes: Eight Pounds of Doom Patrol!

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This week we here at DC Universe are celebrating the premiere episode of the already critically-acclaimed original series, DOOM PATROL! What is Doom Patrol, you may be asking? If you haven’t checked out the first episode, or read any of the encyclopedia entries or comics on our service, then perhaps you would like to enter this sweepstakes for a chance to win the entire run that inspired the show collected in this eight pound Omnibus!

Written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Richard Cas, the new Doom Patrol puts itself back together after nearly being destroyed, and things start to get a lot weirder for everybody. The Chief leads Robotman, the recently formed Rebis and new member Crazy Jane against the Scissormen, part of a dangerous philosophical location that has escaped into our world and is threatening to engulf reality itself.

This very heavy Omnibus collects Doom Patrol #19-#63, as well as Doom Force Speci al #1. This is Grant Morrison’s definitive run, which launched his career as one of the comic industry’s most innovative and creative writers!
Enter this giveaway for a chance to win now through February 22nd!


Last chance to enter!

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