This Week's Sweepstakes: Cozy Up With Batman: Knightfall!

Link to Sweepstakes here, or found in the News section: Cozy Up With Batman: Knightfall Sweepstakes

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean it’s getting warmer anytime soon! That’s why we’re making it easy to stay indoors with a big ol’ Omnibus of Batman: Knightfall Volume 2 and a Batman: The Animated Series mug.

Most people are familiar with the classic tale of…
…Bane breaking Batman’s back, but many are not as familiar with the successor that adopted the mantle of The Bat during Bruce Wayne’s recovery - Jean-Paul Valley (a.k.a. Azrael). This is a brilliant exploration of why it is not just anyone can be Batman.

So fill that Batman: The Animated Series mug with your favorite hot drink, grab this massive omnibus, and beat the cold by curling up for a lazy day of action and adventure!

Enter now through January 11th for your chance to win!


Loved Knightfall !!!

Oh man… I REALLY REALLLLY want to win this!

I have the whole run of Knightfall, Knightquest and Knightend

Oh nice :+1:

Knightfall is awesome

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Wait! Babe did what?! Thanks a lot, DCU! :wink:

Volume 2 is the one I am missing. I so want to win this

Does anybody win any of these???

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Oh heck yes, I would love to add this to my library!!

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Something is seriously wrong with the links to enter. I’m automatically taken to the Join page, even though I’m signed in. I can’t enter. This is happening more frequently. is it an HTML error?


I’m not able to even click the link in the first post.


Yeah it continues to reroute me to the Join page as well.

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I feel like nobody wins these


If you want to be a conspiratorial cynic, maybe DC Universe creates drone accounts who win the sweepstakes.

But, people win. I’m just glad those who win appreciate winning.

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May I ask, for those who are experiencing the re-route to “join” page; what device are you using? I’m suspicious this is a matter of a technical glitch.

In the meantime, for those who are not able to access the page, we do offer an alternative method of entry:
Subject line: Weekly Sweepstakes Entry
Body: Your name, your preferred e-mail address

We will confirm before the sweepstakes ending that you have been entered. I sincerely apologize for any frustration!

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@Applejack, i’m on Earthlink. I used Google Chrome at work today, and the click n’ paste worked fine.

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I love Batman knight fall and noel!

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Anyone saying no one wins, just winners stay silent. I won a pair of tickets for superman. Not the best price ever but proves someone does indeed win.


@blukid I also won the tickets and am overjoyed! Others who win probably don’t participate in the community forums and that’s okay too.