This week's releases Sept 12th.

Just opened app in my smartphone . Looks great . Now I’m just hoping app is on my Sony bravia smart tv .

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Is the IOS app working. It’s all very confusing at this point

Redhood and Superman for me. Although I get them through subscription.

I thought this was opening on the 15th? Or is this a preview for those who pre ordered it??

DC Universe iOS app not available in my country??? When will it be available in the US???

The IOS app isn’t out yet unfortunately. Sucks because I really wanted to check out some comics. Apparently the Android people got lucky because they can get it now. Hopefully it will be put up before Saturday on IOS.

I have to work on Batman day, but after work, I am going to Inkwood Books here in Tampa FL, where Brad Meltzer is doing a book your of his new book, I am Neil Armstrong. I’m planning to get a Green Arrow comic & the 1st issue of Identity Crisis signed by him. Afterwards head home & enjoy some more DC Universe Streaming!!!

I’m picking up Catwoman, Hawkman, Plastic Man, and The Flash.

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How do I use comic book reader on android

The video now has proper full screen on PC, although there’s there is still some buffering. No video on Amazon Tablet yet, nevertheless I’m still Beta-binge watching Superboy the TV series until Batman Day the launch of DC Streaming! :):innocent:

Keep it up with these Artgerm Catwoman variants. He should stay under contract for as long as possible :+1:t3:


Hawkman, Superman, Sideways and Michael Cray for my choices this week, can’t wait to dig into those!

Will these comics be available on the app?

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Hi all

Read Hawkman, Red Hood, Superman and Michael Cray.

Catwoman has been pretty good. Looking forward to more✌🏽


Wooohoo GLAD to be in on the ground floor! BEFORE Batman day even!




Read the latest Catwoman and I’m really digging where it’s going! I love when a story doesn’t waste time and gets dark quick.

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Please put the arrowverse please dc universe is weaker without it

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All of them except scooby and supergirl