This Weeks Pull

I liked the first tale the most.

Also, I wouldn’t mind a Mark Russell-penned Bibbo series of some kind.


May 7th Pull

I also reviewed Kneel Before Zod #5 for Superman Hompage:


May 14 Pull


May 21st Pull

Final review of Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong


What’d you think of Superman #14 and WF #27?

Both are at the top of my stack, with Superman just beating out WF as my Book of the Week, so far.

Yeah they are both good books. House of Brainiac had been a good storyline, and to me World’s Finest is the best book at DC. My favorite character is the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, but that book has been just ok.

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It has!

The only thing about HOB that’s been a bit iffy for me is the Guy and “Lobo” tale in Green Lantern.

Its fun (especially Maguire’s art, natch), but at the same time, it also feels like a forced tie-in, rather than a natural extension of the core tale, which is what a good tie-in should be.

What’s your favorite Hal-starring title?

Mine is Johns’ Green Lantern.

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Im a 60s guy the original run. Gil Kane is the GOAT.

While Johns did for Hal Jordan there is a lot of things he did that hurt him too. So I’m not the biggest fan of the run.

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