This weeks major DCU Events!

I’m starting a new segment about compiling every event happening at DC this week!

Wednesday: Comic Book Day!! See some of the highlights here:

Thursday: Watch-a-long with @Reaganfan.78 They are watching superman/ batman public enemies DC Universe

Gotham Ep. 7 Ace Chemicals on Fox

Friday: Doom Patrol Episode 2: Donkey Patrol
Trailer Here: DC Universe

Also Doom Patrol Watch-a-long

Doom Patrol Watch-a-long Post-show:

DCU Book Club Week 23 Red Hood: Lost Days #1-6

Saturday: Saturday Morning Cartoons Watch-a-long Justice League Episode 1-4

DC Daily Book Club Doom Patrol 26-27

Weekly Reading Recommendations: DC Universe

That’s it for this week!


Very good summary especially of threads that reoccur every week.

What intrigues me is how few comic books most responders read each week. Partly is the cost, partly the time needed to read, partly that far superior material is available on the library than what is currently produced each week.

We are truly separate nations in this regard.

If a true sample of our members, DC Comics is in danger of producing a lot of current titles that few are buying. And we are the hard core fans.

In the what are you reading thread, old material dominates current issues

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@Turok I wouldn’t worry about this being an accurate sample. I don’t currently pull from my local comic shop due to them giving out my Flash issue because I didn’t order the Batman crossover for The Button. So now I wait for trades from Books-a-Million or Amazon. I use the app to read things I otherwise would have overlooked and that has led to me picking up trades from other series. DC’s Rebirth has seemed to be a decent success overall sales wise.

:slightly_smiling_face:Thankyou Nathan!

Get this man another Swag Bag!

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Thanks for the New Comic Day highlight Nathan :slight_smile:

You’re welcome @vroom and @Reagan I’ll try to write these on Tuesday from now on so try to post DCU event ideas before then.

A lot of events

There’s a lot that happens. I’ll be a little more on top of this stuff next week too!