This Week's Encyclopedia Entries: Supergirl, XS, Highfather, Hippolyta, Giganta

This week on DC Universe, we’ve updated the Encyclopedia with a special spotlight on characters from this mortal sphere, all the way to the Gods.

Come brush up on your DC history in the “New Encyclopedia Entries” row of our Encyclopedia section, or follow the link below:

But enough about us- who do YOU want to see next? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to schedule them in! (Barring any science experiments gone wrong.)


Thanks for the updates, they’re always appreciated. I don’t have any suggestions (aside from Divine Right characters) but if and when some come to mind, I’ll jot 'em down here.

Those science experiments gone wrong are tricky beasts. Sometimes they gift us with heroes, other times villains and then other times advanced monkeys that roll around on roller skates at NASA or the ones that try to take the glasses off the heads of professors!

Science =)


at last, Brainiac’s plot to wipe out Supergirl from planet Encyclopedia is foiled!