This Week's Encyclopedia Entries: Mr. Nobody, Crazy Jane, and Super Teams!

This Tuesday on DC Universe, we’ve updated the Encyclopedia with a special spotlight on characters from Doom Patrol, as well as teams like Justice Society of America, Legion of Super-Heroes, and Secret Society of Super-Villains.

Come brush up on your DC history in the “New Encyclopedia Entries” row of our Encyclopedia section, or follow the link below:

But enough about us- who do YOU want to see next? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to schedule them in! (Barring any portals opening on Main Street and sucking us all into the void.)


Thankyou DC for adding Lois Lane! :smiley:

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Thought of you immediately!

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Wildstorm characters would be dandy. The casts of The Authority, Planetary, WildC.A.T.S and other Wildstorm goodness available right here, right now.

Characters like:

-The Engineer
-Jack Hawksmoor
-Jenny Sparks
-Mr. Majestic

Last I combed the Encyclopedia, none of them were present. Someone’s reading WildC.A.T.S though, given its long tenure here as well as The Authority. We Wildstorm fans are out there =)


Goodness, please pardon my gaffe in manners in my previous post. As always thank you for updating the Encyclopedia and making it a hefty tome of educational goodness. The addition of the Legion of Super Heroes is very welcome too.


if Streaky the Super-Cat made it, I just know that someday, I can feel it, Supergirl will join the index :hugs:


Thanks for the new entries!
Please add Court of Owls.

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Sue Dibny’s and Jean Loring’s encyclopedia entries are mixed up. The picture and headers belong to one character, while the text box belongs to the other.

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