This Week's Encyclopedia Entries: 11.13.18

This Tuesday on DC Universe, we’ve updated the Encyclopedia with a special spotlight on characters from the sea in anticipation of Aquaman hitting the theaters next month!

Come brush up on your DC history in the “New Encyclopedia Entries” row of our Encyclopedia section, or follow the link below:

But enough about us- who do YOU want to see next? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to schedule them in! (Barring any invasions from our alien overlords.)


Thanks for the new entries. As for requests, I’d like to see Booster Gold and Skeets added please.


Oops, forgot to ask for Atrocitus too please. I also see that Atlanna has a double entry.

Once something is added to the Encyclopedia, does it stay there permanently? I understand why the entertainment rotates in and out but wasn’t 100% sure on the encyclopedia side of things.

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Good update

Please add The Penguin. :slight_smile:

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King Rius plz.

Kyle Renner
Lois Lane
Booster Gold

Are you planning on updating the comics anytime soon?

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Well since after two months of service they still can’t seem to get the encyclopedia or news to work on Microsoft Edge without it lunging to the join page, I guess I will never know. What a waste of money this app was

The Atom Ray Palmer, the Shazam family

I’d like to see more representation for The Question, please!

Does anybody else have an issue viewing some encyclopedia entries on the iPhone?
Certain entries the text stops scrolling and you can’t read the entire paragraph…

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I have that problem on my IPad, it cuts off the bottom portion on some categories.

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