This Week's Encyclopedia Entries: 11/06/18

This Tuesday on DC Universe, we’ve updated the Encyclopedia with a special spotlight on characters from Young Justice, as well as some staples from Batman’s Rogues Gallery.

Come brush up on your DC history in the “New Encyclopedia Entries” row of our Encyclopedia section, or follow the link below:

But enough about us- who do YOU want to see next? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to schedule them in! (Barring any nefarious, internal supervillain schemes.)


I will check it out :slight_smile:

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the encyclopedia seems great to me, but I am disappointed with the decision to remove movies and add others … put the movies, series and comics forever

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Cool entries but Kyle Rayner plz!

Kyle Rayner, Sinestro, Katma Tui, Sodam Yat. More GL entries


You know what would be awesome? The ability to write our own entries for approval like promised before launch. Not salty, I really want this feature!!!

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Are Vertigo or Wildstorm characters in it yet or just DCU? I haven’t gone through it thoroughly yet.


Do some more of the magical characters of the DC universe please!


Oh yeah speaking of magical, plz do Circe

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Please do Cyborg and Dek Star

Love that there is a “new” section and that the encyclopedia is getting some love. I’ve complained in the past about its current state but I forgot to mention that I do really love how detailed the current entries are.

Would love to see famous DC locations and landmarks added (Gotham, Metropolis, star city, bludhaven, nanda parbat, Titans Tower, hall of Justice, happy harbor/mt justice, etc etc)


When will my boy, Rex The Wonder Dog, get put up?

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B’wanna Beast, still one of the biggest mysteries is how did he ever land Vixen even if only for a short time. Also, would like to see Morgaine Le Fey (Mordru optional).

I’d like to see The Question, please!


That fact Booster Gold is not on the Encyclopedia, blows my mind lol.