This weeks DCU Comic Recommendations 2/12/19

Hey, this week is a quite week but with so many things you can catch up on. Here are my weekly recommendations of DCU. Note DC Daily Book Club is taking the week off!

  1. Flashpoint #1-5 (DCU Book Club)
  2. All-Star Batman #1-5 (Weekly Rebirth Recommendation)
  3. Batman #1-6 (New 52 Recommendation)
  4. JSA (#1-6) (Pre-2000 Recommendation)

Bonus Reading
TNTT #7-12 (Connected Content Choice)
Action Comics #4-6 (Golden Age Choice)
Wildstorm #7-12 (Non-Superhero Choice)
Action Comics #1-6 (Rebirth+ Recommendation)

Please let me know if you used this list to read anything! It means the world to me that some people actually use this!!



I am always interested in reading anything you write.

When I wake up in the middle of the night, on Monday, I am always interested in what you uncover in the additions to our comic book library.

The selection of your book list shows intentional thought. This week follows last week. You suggested Golden Age Action last week. This week you continued with that, plus brought in the new 52 Action to show similarities and differences.

Unlike many of the recommenders here you list books that are actually in our library, now.

You are trying to throw the net wide, with books from the Golden Age as well as non core DC works

I see from another thread that your experience is from rebirth, with some new 52 thrown in. That is your image of what a great comic book is. I strongly prefer Tomasi, Johns and Tynion to Bendis, Synder and King.

My preferences and selections are different, since I have reading DC since 1959.

I bought the big trades of the original Superman and Batman months before DC Universe ever existed. I want these stories to remain in the library, and for new readers to eventually read them, but not yet. The new member should spend an hour and a half watching Secret History: The Original of DC Comics instead.

I find that the Wildstorm book you are proposing assumes you know a lot about that Universe already.

I have suggested titles before, and now we have in our library enough material that my preference for new readers/viewers is Super Friends (one or two story arcs of Tomasi Superman, Engleheart Batman, Year One Wonder Woman and Johns Aquaman ), plus Doom Patrol, because of new show. The Trinity by Matt Wagner, JLA and Swamp Thing to follow. Then Green Lantern, Flash and Green Arrow.

The DC book club also provides a way for members here to experience the same material.

In my day, there were only three networks and only movie theatres, so it was easier to discuss common entertainment. The long history of DC, the immense size of the library, and the fact that few members read more than a handful of current comics each week makes that common experience hard to find.

Thank you for even attempting to bridge that gap.

@Turok I appreciate all the support!! I do my best to help people find stuff because the comics library is so so so SO much better now. I’m always trying to find new ways to help people.

On the wildstorm sentence. Is the antecedent of you the reader or me? Also feel free to give some suggestions. I’ve read so few older comics that its hard to give suggestions. I’ve been enjoying TNTT but I find alot of old stuff can feel really outdated. I’ve enjoyed the Action Comics #1-6 from a historical lens but by no means are these great superman stories.

Ellis is a great writer but Authority, Planetary and Global Frequency are much easier to understand.

In Windstorm, there is a war going on, between corporations or unknown organizations, that seems to have resulted in violence in the past, or will occur in the future. I think there is at least three, or maybe only two, with some unaligned factions, or moving from one side to another.

Ellis shows the various factions, but I don’t think he explains it enough to anyone new to the series satisfaction.

It gets worse as the issues progress. In one issue, a character visits people he has known in the past, he is on the run, some people he warns, some people he kills and I don’t know why he takes these actions. I think they belonged in the sane unit as him.

As for the New Teen Titans, the original Titans, especially Wally West was much more important in Rebirth until Doomsday clock appeared.

The main problem with Titans are that Dan Arnett, the writer, mislead the reader with villains who seem to be responsible for the losses in New 52, but only explain part of thei Titans losses of memory. Wally keeps dying, Donna Troy is stuck with an origin as created to kill Wonder Woman, and raised by Amazons who have never existed in our dimension, Since Diana can never find them since she left, according to Rucka.

In the Teen Titans, Titans, and Deathstroke crossover, Starfire seems to know Dick, but not Donna. Raven and Gar know only Starfire. Yet other books show pictures of all seven members, including Cyborg together.

So far. In New 52 and Rebirth, the original New Teen Titans are not cannon.Presumably, they will be, after Doomsday Cock.

Given that, I read Titans and ignore TNTT in the first run-through.

My short reading list.

Ignore Original Teen Titans, the dialogue is filled with unreadable ‘teen’.lingo.

Teen Titans Year One is not that much better. Read the issue where Roy Harper takes Wonder Girl out on a date.

Then Titans Hunt. Hawk and Dove, with their Super Powers, are very good.

Then Titans as long as it is enjoyable to you. Include the annual with the origin of Donna Troy.

The current version of Titans is about to be cancelled, and probably rebooted to be more like the show.

This was an attempt to duplicate TNTT with substitute members. Black armored figure. Steel for Cyborg. Red headed Alien. Miss Martian for Starfire.
While the original were in Justice League Odyssey.

Then go to TNTT. They may be canon by then.

@turok I was referring to the Perez TNTT. I’m sorry that wasn’t clear!

Also, I chose Wildstorm (2016) because it was new to the service and I had enjoyed reading it alot! You’re right it was/is a little hard to follow. I’ll look at suggesting those titles next week!

I know you were talking about Perez NTT,

I was just suggesting that current Teen Titans are not used in Justice League, while current Titans are part of Justice League.

So far, Perez NTT definitely did not exist in New 52.

Somehow Starfire knows Cyborg, probably from the original Odyssey series.

Raven and Cyborg know each other too.but neither Perez or John Teen Titans are stated to be canon yet.