This Weekend, Save 15% In Our Shop!

From now until Monday, you can save 15% off in our shop when you use the discount code SHOPDCU15 at checkout! If you’ve been eyeing our exclusive Justice League Animated figures or stylish shirts, now’s your time to save. Check it out in the Shop section, or by following the link below:


I will think about it :slight_smile:

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Now you tell me, lol. I just bought a shirt last night! lol.


I already bought the figures… Can I apply this to my purchase?




Looks like I’ll be picking up the Harley Quinn Vinyl :heart_eyes:


Oh no! For those who made purchases from the shop on Thursday, please contact the shop’s customer service here:

They can provide you with a solution for missing the promo code. Have your receipt with the date ready!


Just got a Robin sweater and the Hawkgirl figure from the animated JL to go along with the Wonder Woman I already have. :blush:


Got me the Justice League set finally. Christmas came early. Thanks for the discount, guys.

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I wish there were more options. The selection in the store is very limited. Appreciate the offer for 15% off though!

Got me the Young Justice white T-Shirt can’t wait until it arrives.

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Appreciate the 15% offer, but man, the store is so limited in offerings. How can you have so little for Superman?? I hope the store gets better in time…this is DC, correct? I can find a bigger and better selection at a comic shop…

Even at 15% off the t-shirts are still pretty highly priced, you can go to target and get half a dozen dc t-shirts for 12 dollars apiece, 25-30 means 20-24 with the discount, bit much for a single color mass produced screenprinted t. You guys would probably make more profit dropping prices to 18-20 and selling more shirts…

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I appreciate the offer, but wish there was more I wanted to buy… any chance of The Question merch?

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We’ll be sure to let the team know the people want The Question merch, @Gorblax!

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