This Week’s Sweepstakes: Meta Madhouse: The Maniac The Joker Sweepstakes

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This week, we celebrate the chaos of Meta Madhouse with this 20" tall statue of the insane coach of The Maniacs - The Joker!

A homicidal artist and an agent of chaos, the Clown Prince of Crime is the embodiment of everything Batman fights against, and everything he fears.

The Joker Statue measures 20” tall, emerging from a chemical vat filled with venomous green acid. Beneath copper-colored pipes, the architecture of Gotham City can be seen laying the groundwork for the rise of this nightmarish Clown Prince of Crime.

“All it takes is one bad day” to make The Joker Statue your most frightening Gotham City Nightmare

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That is a really cool looking statue.


That’s cool! I like it!


hayyy Aqualady how goes it!?