This week on DC DAILY: Conor Leslie Gives a Live Comic Book Reading!

Greetings and a happy Monday, everyone!

This week on DC Daily, we celebrated our 100th episode, and now have even more exciting news to share with you concerning Conor Leslie (Donna Troy on DC Universe’s Titans), who was kind enough to grace us all with a comic book reading of Titans’ Issue #18! So, tell us… what’d YOU think of this week’s episodes of DC Daily? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! :slight_smile:

For more info, click here: This week on DC DAILY: Conor Leslie Gives a Live Comic Book Reading! (or find the article by going straight to our New Section here on the site)


The reading was a lot of fun, hope they do something like that again.


That reading was neat. When those come along, it’s like Storytime in Kindergarten.

“Then what’d The Flash do Ms. Leslie?”


DC Daily is a true highlight to my weekdays. They have yet to disappoint. The live comic book reading was so fun to watch! I hope they do it again or, better yet, have an entire series of guest stars dedicated to reading along with the hilarious DC Daily cast​:thinking::star_struck:

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This is the kind of stuff I’d like to see from DC Daily in the future. Less cookie-cutter talk show and more comic book variety show. Maybe the next time there’s a special guest, they could get them to read a comic the character they write/draw/play is prominent in.

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I’m now a fan of Connor Leslie, not because she does a great job playing as Donna Troy, but she also make a great voice actress! :smiley:

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