This Week on DC Daily - 8/12-8/16

We are so excited to share with you the highlights of DC Daily this week! We’ll be talking all things Young Justice: Outsiders, as well as featuring a VERY special guest- the person responsible for executive producing nearly all of the Batman movies & animation we know and love including, but not limited to the Burton Batmans, The Nolan Knights, a list of animated Batman films as long as our arms, in addition to launching comics like Stan Lee’s Imagine… series. Phew! You’ll just have to tune in to hear all about it:

Monday (8/12): Young Justice: Outsiders Recap
Tuesday (8/13): Young Justice S3E20
Wednesday (8/14): Young Justice S3E21
Thursday (8/15): Comics Talk With Batman Expert Michael Uslan
Friday (8/16): Movies Talk With Batman Expert Michael Uslan

Don’t touch that dial!


Plenty of Young Justice panel. Do i go one at a time? or delay gratification for a mini marathon? oh, the agony.

Michael Uslan is always interesting to read/listen to/watch. Looking forward to those episodes the most.

I would hope the 8/16 episode will address the arrival of the HD remastered Filmation Aquaman show. Someone on set MUST make a Ted Knight reference. looks to Sam or Samm

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Also, which dial are we advised to not touch? This one? picks up H-Dial

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Thursday and Friday will be a treat!

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I am looking forward to that Aquaman.

If not for Michael Uslan and his personal determination, Batman would still be a joke in the public consciousness. He was the one who was determined to make a serious Batman film, not a campy throwback to Adam West. And in 1989, he did it.

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Can’t wait until Thursday and Friday.

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