This Week on DC Daily, 11/4/2019: Thrills and Chills Galore

Hey everbody!

This week the thrills and chills continue on DC Daily! We get our dose of chills while exploring the Dark Multiverse and our thrills by checking out a super-powered club and finishing off with a closer look at how YOU can be a part of DCYou Unscripted.

MON (11/4): Birds of Prey Ep 4 - “Three Birds and a Baby”
TUES (11/5): Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Batman Knightfall
WED (11/6): Superman III Movie Club
THURS (11/7): Titans Ep 9 - “Atonement”
FRI (11/8): Ideas United – Pitch Your Unscripted DC Show!

Which episode has you thrillin’ and chillin’ this week? Tell us BELOW in the COMMENTS!


I love this show so much. I’m just as (sometimes more) excited to show/listen to this show as I am for any other show on DC. You guys are awesome.
Btw: Sam, I get your old man jokes :+1:t4: