This was my favorite part of this episode.

I hope Dan Cassidy ends up actually becoming Blue Devil later in the season. What do you think?


Loved it too. AND Ian killed it. Looking g forward to more of him


A Blue Devil show could be a lot of fun. Please keep Zach Snyder far, far, far away from it and away from Swamp Thing.


Just watched 2nd episode. Again as a fan of horror this series really speaks to me. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it in the first episode, but all I could think of was this series feels like a crossover between American Horror Story and Aliens. And the 2nd episode I see that name…Verheiden. Same writer for the Aliens series a loooong time ago. It was like, uh, a no brainer. Can’t believe I didn’t see that the first episode. I’m really loving the series and knowing I was correct in the touchy-feely-vibes I got (and still get) I will enjoy every episode even more. :grin:

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I got similar feeling or an Alien vibe The scene with Susie in the demolished cabin in the swamp and the guy coming at her with a knife